torsdag 21 oktober 2010


Since my YouTube channel got suspended I've decided to start uploading on a different channel. Some may be familiar with that channel. It's called "OGDonNinja" and we'll start to upload all the shit on the same channel. Please hit the subscribe button those that were following my old channel because I will upload most of the stuff I had on my channel on this one.

You can enter the channel HERE

Thank you!

fredag 6 augusti 2010

Shaun D. aka Wicked

Since some people don't appriciate what I am doing I will stop for now. I did plan to post a lot of records and compilations which isn't out there on the net yet. Some of which I own in physical form and some that people shared to me in mp3 form weeks, months & even years back. I really enjoyed doing this - to share this with you all as I love sharing good music. I really enjoyed to build this blog even though I didn't put much effort on it compared to my YouTube channel except for my compilations which I worked pretty hard on to get it as good as possible!

Some people might be familiar with my YouTube channel. I started it way back and I've continued to drop gem after gem and filled peoples requests day in and day out both on this blog and on my YouTube channel because I wanted to please and educate people. I do not get anything at all for running this blog and/or my YouTube channel but I chose to do it anyway. Why? I really don't know. I guess I just wanted to school the people growing up today on how Hip Hop used to be and how it CAN be as well as sharing music which might be hard to hear out on. And for the most important cause: to please people.

I feel that it is time for me to retire now when some people don't appriciate what I am doing even though that ain't the main cause, but it is one big factor on why I chose to stop for now.

Feel free to visit my YouTube channel and listen to good Hip Hop music. It will hopefully always be there.

I hope some of you have enjoyed my blog throughout it's history and I wish you all the best. I also want to thank the people who have been following the blog and dropped some comments here and there, thus kept it alive.

Kind regards from Sweden,

söndag 1 augusti 2010

Abadaba & Tha Sonz of Harlem - A Niggaz Uprizin - Chapter One, LP (1995)

Had a request to share this dope LP. Tracks are from '89 to '93, but the LP was released in '95. If anyone is holding their other release feel free to share it! Obviously these guys are from New York. Sadly there is one track missing on it, but I hope you'll manage anyway. I also want to give some shoutouts to born2wice for sharing it to me!


torsdag 22 juli 2010

Amar - Melody Mac, 12'' (1995)

Here's a really great record out of New York(?). It was released 1995 and it's pretty hard to get your hands on. So here it is in non-physical form for you. I guess some people have heard it before since I used a track from it in one of my compilations a while back. A really amazing record with a great production & an fantastic flow by Amar.


Side One 01 - Melody Mac (Main Version)
Side One 02 - Melody Mac (Instrumental)
Side One 03 - Melody Mac (Acapella)
Side Two 01 - Concrete Jungle (Main Version)
Side Two 02 - Concrete Jungle (Instrumental)
Side Two 03 - Melody Mac (Remix)

tisdag 20 juli 2010

Lastrawze - Instrawmental, CD (1995)


I'll continue on the CD trend and I'll also continue not to post full album in big respect to the group which sells this right now. You can BUY this album because it's just as dope as Tha Grimm Teachaz album which I made a post about earlier.

Some information about the crew:

Some people may have heard about Lastrawze from their Big Respect release from 1995 which is just insane. I personally have their "Come On In" track as one of my favorite tracks ever! I'll see if I can manage to get the video of "Big Respect" for you as a bonus!

Lastrawze is Mr. Vibe, Grand Phunk & D-Rhythm and they're from Miami, Florida. Album only costs $10 so be sure to cop it because it's dope fuck! I'll upload a track on YouTube so you can hear:


fredag 9 juli 2010

Tha Grimm Teachaz - There's A Situation On The Homefront, CD (2010)

\o/ More dope Hip Hop from Chicago! \o/

I know I usually don't post material past the year 2000, but this is something out of the ordinary! The first time I saw their video of "I Getz" I remember I wrote "Damn, this is some unique stuff being from 1993." I always thought it was something that wasn't totally right when they stated that the video and track was from '93 (and all the other tracks on the CD as well for that matter) but I couldn't get my fingers on it at that point. I don't really understand why they were saying it was some old and unreleased material. I mean, a lot of people today are starting (or have) given up hope on todays Hip Hop music and I think the most of the people gets happy hearing this type of sound again even though it is from 2010. To me it was an happy surprise!
Either way. I just got their CD and it is defenetly worth BUYING! It got that grimey boombap sound that so many people misses in today's Hip Hop. It has that feeling, you know? If you want to read some more on who Tha Grimm Teachaz are you should click HERE.

I ain't going to post the full CD for you to download because I want as many people to buy this and support their work and I'm sure some guy will post it at some blog in the near future anyway. I posted "Whutchyougonnado?" for you to hear below so you can realize how dope this truly is!.......But hey! Maybe it's only me!



onsdag 7 juli 2010

Rhyme 2 Rhythm - Let The Bass Boom!!!, 12" (1993)

I ain't got much information about these guys. All I know if that they're from Chicago and that the record is really good!


tisdag 29 juni 2010

Mikst Nutz - Assorted Flavas, Casette (1992-1993)

Here's a dope and fresh demo tape for you all by Mikst Nutz! These guys are from Boston and they are: Big Oh, J.Rok, Budha Rok & DJ Kon. Maybe you'll recognize Big Oh from his "Handle Your B.I." twelwe from '96. Big up to him for sharing this! This is some headnoddin' stuff right here which obviously deserves to be heard by more people. Damn, I love this shit. It's just crazy this never were released.


1. Assorted Flavas
2. Hardcore Rhyme For Ya Mind
3. So Many Bitches
4. I Got Your Back
5. The Outro

Big Oh has got a page on myspace. Be sure to CHECK IT! He's still kickin' it with some dope beatz!

söndag 27 juni 2010

2 Deep 2 Sleep - Badlands, 12" (1992)

Here's a really dope record for you guys. Both tracks are killers! He mention Washington Heigts in his lyrics so I guess he's outta New York! If anyone got some info on this guy and if he released some other stuff please let me know!



måndag 21 juni 2010

Empty Pockets - Letters From The Field, Casette (1999)

Not long since I last posted but what the hell.. I figured I'd post this tape for you by Empty Pockets since I had a request to share this. It's pretty dope being from '99 (if I am allowed to put it like that, lol). There are some bangers as well as one or two laid back joints which are buttahz! You'll know which ones.

I guess a lot of people knows who Empty Pockets are since they got 4 other releases (Who Got The Mottz ('93), Illusions / All Fo Nothin ('96) & On 'E' / Marvelous ('99). They also released an album in '95 titled 'Who Got The Mottz'. They were down with a crew called 'Small Town' (Smalltown MC'z?) if I'm not totally mistaken. Empty Pockets consists of two brothers, Cello & G. LOX as well as JoeDamSelf which all three hails from Albuquerque, New Mexico. However they all went to highschool in Arizona which was where the whole interest around Hip Hop started for them back in '89.

So why do I write all this when I usually don't when doing a post? - Because I've had like 25 different people asking me where these guys comes from on YouTube, no kidding. So now you all know!


fredag 18 juni 2010

A-Real-Dope Compilation #16 (1990-1995)



01-poetic souls - too much tv-'92
02-dbc - hit the boomz-'93
03-a.p.g crew - too hot to handle-'91
04-abadaba & tha sonz of harlem - a sonz revenge-'95
05-dam native - behold my koolstyle-'9X
06-16-16 - it is done-'90
07-dynamic twins - no room 2 breathe-'93
08-d1: priority - brothas of a culture-'94
09-devious & juice - the plan-'9X
10-e.i.m. - sound sellers from the grave-'93
11-crazy rak - on the real tip-'93
12-sun, moon & star - don't sell out-'91
13-two x strong - i get lifted-'91
14-plan bee - quest 4 survival-'94
15-p.i.d. - get under the blood stream-'91
16-body snatchers - genocide-'95
17-sauce money - check out the horns-'95
18-fear - the evil that pens do-'95
19-foul play - nightfall round the way-'9X
20-lost m.c.'s - sun never sets-'94

Feel free to give some feedback!

söndag 13 juni 2010

Da Looptroop - Threesicksteez, Casette (1995)

Hello fellow readers. This is a post I do because I had a request to share this tape and I figured I might as well blog it. It's an okey tape! Some nice cuts on it with the best one being "Poetry Session".

a2-poetry session
a3-six million ways
a4-on trial
a5-cosmic supremacy
a6-boom rap embeets
a7-snot noses
a8-back to da lab part 2
a9-071-back to da lab (by phone)
b2-lyrical murderin'
b3-you gettin' down
b6-071-shout out service

Check it out:

tisdag 8 juni 2010

The Amazin' Jewel T - School Of Hardknocks, 12" (1992)

Amazingly dope Hip Hip outta Philly, don't sleeeep!

a1-School of Hardknocks
a2-County Blues
a3-School of Hardknocks (LP Version)
b2-County Blues (Rikers Island Version)

Check out these dope vidoes below:

måndag 31 maj 2010

A-Real-Dope Compilation #15 (1989-1999)


01-rockman - get ready for the jack-'93
02-vooodu! - nasty nigga-'92
03-overdose - booty kall (underground explicit mix)-'92
04-abadaba & tha sonz of harlem - 7 blows of death-'95
05-the henchmen - wartime-'94
06-d.o.a. - definition of a maniac-'91
07-a.p.g. crew - daily routine-'91
08-baritone tiplove - all hell iz breakin' loose-'91
09-e-roc da mad man - i got the god-'95
10-raw ''g'' - busykickinrhyme82therythem-'93
11-mikst nutz - assorted flavas-'9X
12-beats, lyrics and conscious knowledge - seein' in-'95
13-looptroop - poetry session-'95
14-m-slash - anti christ-'98
15-d2e-posse - police brutality-'92
16-boogie-bo gee - skip to my rhythm-'89
17-paranorm - the god vs the devil-'99
18-pudgee tha phat bastard - money don't make your world stop (moriarty blend)-'97
19-f.s. effect - mentally stable-'91
20-f.o.r.c.e. -n- k. zee - beat dem down-'92

onsdag 26 maj 2010

Black Star - Stompin' Ground, 12'' (1993)

Here's a dope release out of Jersey. People may be familar with this from DJ Shige's mix and/or from the "Underground Airplay Vol II" tape. Please note that this is NOT the group with Dante & Talib which many may be familiar with. Not much more to say - check it out:

Note: People were having trouble with downloading trough zshare so I switched to rapidshare now. I hope it works better for you!

A1-Stompin' Ground (Mix 1)
A2-Stompin' Ground (Mix 2)
B1-Police Brutality (Mix 1)
B2-Police Brutality (Mix 2)

lördag 22 maj 2010

Fear - The Evil That Pens Do, Casette (1995)

I know lotsa cats have been wanting to hear this shit out! As of some days back I had only heard "Hate" (which I used in my second or third compilation way back). Today I post this full tape! The props should obviously go to the original ripper of this whoever that is. I just want as many people as possible to hear this shit out because it really shouldn't go unnoticed.

Check out 'Hate':

01-The Evil That Pens Do
03-Freakee Flow

torsdag 20 maj 2010

Fresh Ski & Mo Rock - The Coarse Selectors, EP (1989)

Hey, what's up people! Quite a while since I last posted anything but I have no intentions of giving up on this blog! I got three (3) compilations made and I'll drop #15 in a while!

Meanwhile - here's a dope EP from UK. The winner for me is without any question the "Come Along" track. Such a fucking tune! - I promised some people i'd share this one so i might as well blog it rite? I got a few other requests people wants to get filled too. I'll get back atcha' wit those!

Check out 'Come Along':

01. All In The Mind (Intro)
02. Come Along
03. Incredible (Original)
04. Down To The A.M
05. Mind Positive (Original)
06. Come Along (Instrumental)
07. Incredible (Original Instrumental)
08. Down To The A.M. (Instrumental)
09. Mind Positive (Original Instrumental)

måndag 10 maj 2010

A-Real-Dope Compilation #14 (1988-2004)

U know what time it is! :: This one has some amazing stuff in it production wise! Enjoy the hardcore & that cheerful (old)school flava! My fav. cuts are; 2, 6, 9, 11 & 19. ... i think. Fuck it, all joints are hella dope (maybe a bit too dark & heavy overall?) dunno.. tell me what you think.

Oh, and I'm pleased to be able to use a track after the millenium! (lol). There ain't many out there which has that sound but this one sure as hell does!



01-fresh ski & mo rock - come along-'89
02-cutmaster - dippidy doo di dummy -'94
03-spex and brewmasta - lyrical and original (demo?) -'97
04-low end - where ya at -'93
05-blvd. mosse - hit 'em wit da one, two -'92
06-tuff crew - zone -'93?
07-f.o.r.c.e & k-zee - jam (hip hop mix) -'92
08-troubleneck brothers - dodge city (demo) -'92?
09-bos - mic terrorist (remix) -92
10-p.o.w.e.r. - guerrilla warfare -'94
11-high authority - who's the top choice (jeep mix) - '93
12-mds production - because i'm a pro -'88
13-sci-fi & hands - ill shit revival -'04
14-brother-hood nation - ghetto rhythm -'92
15-poetry in motion - bad muthafucka -'93
16-labtekwon - 40 blocks and a benz -'94
17-double j - manslaughter -'91
18-dirty d - run filthy run -'96
19-fifth platoon - hallelujah the fifth is here -'91
20-v.i.c.e. - talk that talk -'88

söndag 2 maj 2010

The Funk Family - Everything'll BeFyne, LP (1992)

01-Everything'll BeFyne
02-Anyway (Baka Boyz Remix)
04-On The Strip
05-Fruit Punch
07-Think B4 U Step
08-Take A Hike
09-Manifest'n Thoughts
10-Flowers Bloom
11-Don't Mak Ya Wonder
12-Anyway (Original Mix)

Check out "Think B4 U Step":

torsdag 22 april 2010

A-Real-Dope Compilation #13 (1989-1995)



01-cutmaster-back bone breaker-'94
02-twist it mines - who can mess with a pro (mello mix)-'93
03-peach tha 5ft trooper-maflow yo!-'94
04-top secret-listen to yourself-'93
05-jcd and the dawg lb-st. louis niggas-'92
06-bos-da boner (remix)-'92
07-olori rock-don't test me-'94
08-double j-double j'z tantrum-'91
09-j rock-drug dealer (gettin paid remix)-'91
10-uptown-dope on plastic-'89
11-trinity garden cartel-nothing personal-'92
12-pazz the jazz-nappy niggas-'92
13-the brother/hood nation-new stylee-'92
14-brothers of a new nature-just like me-'92
15-funke natives-da boom da bipp-'90
16-cage 1-cage 1-'9X
17-dynamic twins-mission-'91
19-pop-for real (demo)-'95
20-serge boogie-the soak (demo)-'9X

lördag 10 april 2010

A-Real-Dope Compilation #12 (1990-1996)

Hey ya'll. I hope you had a great weekend!

As i promised i'd drop a new compilation this weekend and its done. I uploaded a mix from it so you can hear how it'll be like! I'll post the full shit tomorrow cuz i'm too tired to upload the full thing right now and it wasn't that long since I posted my last one either.

Worth to mention is that i fucking love this one. I'm happy to share it with you all! I hope you'll enjoy every track as much as I do! Go ahead and listen to the mix below and get ready to feel the hyped flava!



01-csp-skills on the map-1994
02-bá bá kidz-swing kidz-1993
03-tap, ghost & phobia-three deez-1993
04-terror t-i ain't tha devil-1995
05-da bastardz-impact-1996
06-suave-make way for the boogieman-1992
07-brother hood nation-stormin-1992
08-the bancheez-start my mission-1994
09-babi ari-keep it-1993
10-brothers of a new nature-mind pollution-1992
11-the brotherhood-just a manifestor-1991
12-scorpio-slam with gangstadam-199x
13-da neighbourhood threat-say what i wanna say-199x
14-rhyme-warriors ink (demo)-199x
15-bizzie boys-mission accomplished-1990
16-taalam-lou raw-1992
17-three times dope-i got it-1990
18-runaway slaves-booty mission (main booty pass mix)-1992
19-kish-i'm goin' hypa (remix)-1991


torsdag 25 mars 2010

A-Real-Dope Compilation #11 (1988-1997)



01-the brotherhood-hip hop n rap-1994
02-khaos & d.b.a.-analyze the style pt.1-1992
03-ibm nation-brainiac-1990
04-homicide feat. the 3rd world menace-lil' ole stories-199x
05-jacks of spade-blackness is power-1994
06-awol-awol's first demo-1988
07-rhyme poets-mis-understanding'-1992
09-wreckx n effect-wreckx shop (moriarty remix)-1992
10-alpha to omega-can u funk with this-1991
11-mighty oxx-watch me shine-1993
12-askari x-ward of the state (remix)-1992
13-hollywood-who got the funk-1993
14-rappin is fundamental-you ain't really down-1994
15-poison ladd s.l.r.-stand up (remix)-1994
16-apostle-spiritual combat-1996
17-troubleneck brothers-crime (demo)-199x
18-body snatchers-mc killer-1995
19-preachaz-whos the ruffest-1993
20-da alliance-maintain-1997

Here is another compilation i made over at the Philaflava forum some days ago:

1998-2002 Indie Era T.R.O.Y. Challenge by aREAL:

01-Dirty Face Angels - MOElogical (1999)
02-Godfather Don - Live And Let Die (1999)
03-The B.L.U.N.T.E.D Crew - Keep Your Head (1999)
04-Gauge The Mental Murdarah - Bring It To Me (1999)
05-Rawcotiks - Real Heads (1999)
06-Amo Lab - New Days (1998)
07-Sci-Fi & Hands - Poison Of Choice (2001)
08-Kutfather - Thoughts I Generate (1998)
09-Ship Of Fools - Claiming Your Style (1998)
10-Superscientifiku - Taking Of The Days (2002)
11-Anomos & Stealth - Club Crucial (1998)
12-2 Tone Committee - One (2002)

lördag 20 mars 2010

Brigade - Northern Lightz, LP (1996)

Waddup?! Had a request for this so here's a fucking dope (and slept on) LP by brigade outta Sweden. I love the production on this one and it has a sound which grows on you! It defenetly got a phat sound! Fast rap which sounds like it's from 1992 rather then 1996. Feel free to leave some feedback!

Caught Ya Slippin':

lördag 13 mars 2010

A-Real-Dope Compilation #10 (1991-1996)



01-troubleneck brothers-hectic-1994
02-misfits of madness-explosions (shorty)-1994
03-e.c.-every hood in the ill-1992
04-rampage-the last boyscout (mad niggas on the run)-1992
05-the rebels-yuup, yuup-1995
06-villain-steady life-199x
07-the zone-jazzy phunkadelphia-1996
08-main one-check da skillz (moriarty blend)-1995
10-whodini-do it again-1994
11-young but strong-in like a lion, out like a lamb-199x
12-prince ikey c-the doobie-1992
13-next chapter-skills!-1992
14-dope and a gun-can i get open?-1992
15-born supreme brothers-how i live-1994
16-t-bone-jabbin the jaw-1993
17-john doe-night time right time-199x
18-kings of swing-the blunted-1993
19-a.l.-it ain't life-1995
20-legion of doom-mad man's dream-1992
21-posse nfx-the king-1991

fredag 5 mars 2010

A-Real-Dope Compilation #9 (1988-1995)

Hello again. Just wanted to say that i'll keep these compilations coming once a week or two weeks or least i'll try, heh. This one is some fucking straight buttah! I really love this one right here. You have that classic '95 sound, you have that early fast flava with that amazing production and you got that grimey roughness too! Listen to the sound clip as you download and drop some lines on a comment if you feel like sayahlilsumthin'!

Track nr. 2 is missing on this soundclip.



01-tha chamba-sayahlilsumthin' (remix)-1995
02-forbidden fruit-keep it in mind-1993
03-ikee-rock on-1995
04-underground intelligence-bac to the old-1994
05-doug e fresh-guess who (platinum remix)-1988
06-the mighty quin-i want it all-19xx
07-shy rock-may the funk be with you (downtown)-1991
08-two outta millions-straight from the newschool-199x
09-sci-fi & hands-poison of choice-199x
10-funke natives-small talk on 125th st.-199x
11-asphalt poetry-freestyle mind frame-1993
12-various artists-wake up show theme intro-1994
13-big ish-got it going on-1991
14-the funk family-think b4 u step-1992
15-trouble-i get hype-1988
16-labtekwon-mista masta-1994
17-flavor rap productions-can you kick the flavor-199x
18-da mad poets-da mad poets prediction-1992
19-24-7 and the hoodfellas-let's have it-1992
20-madpack-six souls singin-1993
21-infa red-east side via to brooklyn (mix 3)-1995

fredag 26 februari 2010

A-Real-Dope Compilation #8 (1988-1998)

Yo! for me the "best" 10 years in hip hop music were between 88 to 98 and here u got some dope joints between those ten years. i only included two or so tracks from the eightees & the same amount for late ninties. as u know i prefer 92-94 so most from those years! anyway, tell me what ya think as always. quality on some of these tracks nr. 3, 9, 17, 18 & 20 are from demo recordings thus the quality is pretty low but nevertheless it's amazingly dope. tell me wat ya think of my #8th compilation will u? enjoy ur weekend & take care.


01-hardwe're-put it on your ass-199x
02-flavor rap productions-act like you know-199x
03-pazz the jazz-step if ya wanna-1992
04-two outta millions-manhunt-1994
05-dj cuetips and mc dashy-d-control-1988
06-courageous cheif-no feedback-1991
07-lyrical black jack-naked gun-1992
08-sport ''g'' and mastermind-don't do it to yourself-198x
09-big ish-can you hear me-199x
10-radikal doodz-definately on-1993
11-da mad poets-mad poets in the house-1995
12-phorced n' tre-the newcomer-199x
13-sfc-one time-1994
14-infinite description-swinging tight-1994
15-dougie dee-it's your birthday-1993
16-lastrawze-come on in-199x
17-mc serge-both sides-1993
18-unknown emcee-y equals self-199x
19-stylz-bounce (remix)-1993
20-i-power-break da rulez-1993
21-phats bossilini-the boss-199x
22-ship of fools-claiming your style-1998

tisdag 16 februari 2010

Baby Chill (R.I.P.)

Yo, I had a request to share some Baby Chill (one emcee of the famous crew Blaque Spurm and also a member of the crew Nappy Assassins) joints so I made a new post here i figured. Many may not be too familiar on who Baby Chill was. He were part of the group Blaque Spurm, Secret Squirrels, Central Jersey All Stars or The Funk Family. They went by a lot of different names back in the days!

Baby Chill as well as Bobbie Fine (B-Fyne) got solo LP's, sadly I only have Bobbies. Except for these five tracks by Baby Chill which i share with you now. There's LOADS of material out there avaliable to purhase & these guys always kept it real and they did a whole lot of dope joints. People usually say Naughty by Nature was the pride of New Jersey but fuck it, I'll say these were the pride of New Jersey!

Check these links out and support them. Trust me they were one of the most talened groups ever. If you want me to post some more by these just say so. I got the "Everythin'll Will B-Fyne" CD around here somewhere and some more shit too.

R.I.P. to Baby Chill & Tony D.

tisdag 9 februari 2010

Essence Don - Show Me The Way, 12" (1994)

A dope record and very slept on. Everything is perfect on this! Essence Don is from New York and he went by the name Sir Essence Don before this was released. He got one more release which is called First Step.

fredag 5 februari 2010

A-Real-Dope Compilation #7 (1992-1996)

You know what time it is! I know it wasn't dat long ago since I dropped my last compilation but whatever! I hope you're gonna dig dis shit! A lot of hidden gems and classics! So as Ill Al Skratch once said - Boom this in your fuckin' vehicle!


01-al n ted experience-boom this in your vehicle-1994
02-flavor rap productions-your falling-199x
03-zhigge-toss it up-1992
04-king sun-beef in the bronx-199x
05-low key-bust the mental-199x
06-the funk family-gravy (?)-199x
07-threat-so now you know-1992
08-the black mafia-theme from riot (f--k dat sh-t)-1993
09-warcry-here comes the tung-199x
10-zigg zagg-all in your mind-1994
11-king ra-sean-powerful impact-1993
12-black poets-the hand that robs the craddle-1993
13-f.b.i.-raw for '94-1994
14-un-da dawgz-i roc dis-1995
15-flatlinerz-dc style of nigga-1993
16-preachaz-whos the ruffest(chase remix)-1993
17-asphalt poetry-harmagedion-1993
18-denocka-within me-1995
19-amar-melody mac-199x
20-m.o.p. feat. kool g rap-stick to ya gunz (moriarty blend)-1996
21-vibetree-coming to your area-1996