måndag 31 maj 2010

A-Real-Dope Compilation #15 (1989-1999)


01-rockman - get ready for the jack-'93
02-vooodu! - nasty nigga-'92
03-overdose - booty kall (underground explicit mix)-'92
04-abadaba & tha sonz of harlem - 7 blows of death-'95
05-the henchmen - wartime-'94
06-d.o.a. - definition of a maniac-'91
07-a.p.g. crew - daily routine-'91
08-baritone tiplove - all hell iz breakin' loose-'91
09-e-roc da mad man - i got the god-'95
10-raw ''g'' - busykickinrhyme82therythem-'93
11-mikst nutz - assorted flavas-'9X
12-beats, lyrics and conscious knowledge - seein' in-'95
13-looptroop - poetry session-'95
14-m-slash - anti christ-'98
15-d2e-posse - police brutality-'92
16-boogie-bo gee - skip to my rhythm-'89
17-paranorm - the god vs the devil-'99
18-pudgee tha phat bastard - money don't make your world stop (moriarty blend)-'97
19-f.s. effect - mentally stable-'91
20-f.o.r.c.e. -n- k. zee - beat dem down-'92

onsdag 26 maj 2010

Black Star - Stompin' Ground, 12'' (1993)

Here's a dope release out of Jersey. People may be familar with this from DJ Shige's mix and/or from the "Underground Airplay Vol II" tape. Please note that this is NOT the group with Dante & Talib which many may be familiar with. Not much more to say - check it out:

Note: People were having trouble with downloading trough zshare so I switched to rapidshare now. I hope it works better for you!

A1-Stompin' Ground (Mix 1)
A2-Stompin' Ground (Mix 2)
B1-Police Brutality (Mix 1)
B2-Police Brutality (Mix 2)

lördag 22 maj 2010

Fear - The Evil That Pens Do, Casette (1995)

I know lotsa cats have been wanting to hear this shit out! As of some days back I had only heard "Hate" (which I used in my second or third compilation way back). Today I post this full tape! The props should obviously go to the original ripper of this whoever that is. I just want as many people as possible to hear this shit out because it really shouldn't go unnoticed.

Check out 'Hate':

01-The Evil That Pens Do
03-Freakee Flow

torsdag 20 maj 2010

Fresh Ski & Mo Rock - The Coarse Selectors, EP (1989)

Hey, what's up people! Quite a while since I last posted anything but I have no intentions of giving up on this blog! I got three (3) compilations made and I'll drop #15 in a while!

Meanwhile - here's a dope EP from UK. The winner for me is without any question the "Come Along" track. Such a fucking tune! - I promised some people i'd share this one so i might as well blog it rite? I got a few other requests people wants to get filled too. I'll get back atcha' wit those!

Check out 'Come Along':

01. All In The Mind (Intro)
02. Come Along
03. Incredible (Original)
04. Down To The A.M
05. Mind Positive (Original)
06. Come Along (Instrumental)
07. Incredible (Original Instrumental)
08. Down To The A.M. (Instrumental)
09. Mind Positive (Original Instrumental)

måndag 10 maj 2010

A-Real-Dope Compilation #14 (1988-2004)

U know what time it is! :: This one has some amazing stuff in it production wise! Enjoy the hardcore & that cheerful (old)school flava! My fav. cuts are; 2, 6, 9, 11 & 19. ... i think. Fuck it, all joints are hella dope (maybe a bit too dark & heavy overall?) dunno.. tell me what you think.

Oh, and I'm pleased to be able to use a track after the millenium! (lol). There ain't many out there which has that sound but this one sure as hell does!



01-fresh ski & mo rock - come along-'89
02-cutmaster - dippidy doo di dummy -'94
03-spex and brewmasta - lyrical and original (demo?) -'97
04-low end - where ya at -'93
05-blvd. mosse - hit 'em wit da one, two -'92
06-tuff crew - zone -'93?
07-f.o.r.c.e & k-zee - jam (hip hop mix) -'92
08-troubleneck brothers - dodge city (demo) -'92?
09-bos - mic terrorist (remix) -92
10-p.o.w.e.r. - guerrilla warfare -'94
11-high authority - who's the top choice (jeep mix) - '93
12-mds production - because i'm a pro -'88
13-sci-fi & hands - ill shit revival -'04
14-brother-hood nation - ghetto rhythm -'92
15-poetry in motion - bad muthafucka -'93
16-labtekwon - 40 blocks and a benz -'94
17-double j - manslaughter -'91
18-dirty d - run filthy run -'96
19-fifth platoon - hallelujah the fifth is here -'91
20-v.i.c.e. - talk that talk -'88

söndag 2 maj 2010

The Funk Family - Everything'll BeFyne, LP (1992)

01-Everything'll BeFyne
02-Anyway (Baka Boyz Remix)
04-On The Strip
05-Fruit Punch
07-Think B4 U Step
08-Take A Hike
09-Manifest'n Thoughts
10-Flowers Bloom
11-Don't Mak Ya Wonder
12-Anyway (Original Mix)

Check out "Think B4 U Step":