torsdag 25 mars 2010

A-Real-Dope Compilation #11 (1988-1997)



01-the brotherhood-hip hop n rap-1994
02-khaos & d.b.a.-analyze the style pt.1-1992
03-ibm nation-brainiac-1990
04-homicide feat. the 3rd world menace-lil' ole stories-199x
05-jacks of spade-blackness is power-1994
06-awol-awol's first demo-1988
07-rhyme poets-mis-understanding'-1992
09-wreckx n effect-wreckx shop (moriarty remix)-1992
10-alpha to omega-can u funk with this-1991
11-mighty oxx-watch me shine-1993
12-askari x-ward of the state (remix)-1992
13-hollywood-who got the funk-1993
14-rappin is fundamental-you ain't really down-1994
15-poison ladd s.l.r.-stand up (remix)-1994
16-apostle-spiritual combat-1996
17-troubleneck brothers-crime (demo)-199x
18-body snatchers-mc killer-1995
19-preachaz-whos the ruffest-1993
20-da alliance-maintain-1997

Here is another compilation i made over at the Philaflava forum some days ago:

1998-2002 Indie Era T.R.O.Y. Challenge by aREAL:

01-Dirty Face Angels - MOElogical (1999)
02-Godfather Don - Live And Let Die (1999)
03-The B.L.U.N.T.E.D Crew - Keep Your Head (1999)
04-Gauge The Mental Murdarah - Bring It To Me (1999)
05-Rawcotiks - Real Heads (1999)
06-Amo Lab - New Days (1998)
07-Sci-Fi & Hands - Poison Of Choice (2001)
08-Kutfather - Thoughts I Generate (1998)
09-Ship Of Fools - Claiming Your Style (1998)
10-Superscientifiku - Taking Of The Days (2002)
11-Anomos & Stealth - Club Crucial (1998)
12-2 Tone Committee - One (2002)

lördag 20 mars 2010

Brigade - Northern Lightz, LP (1996)

Waddup?! Had a request for this so here's a fucking dope (and slept on) LP by brigade outta Sweden. I love the production on this one and it has a sound which grows on you! It defenetly got a phat sound! Fast rap which sounds like it's from 1992 rather then 1996. Feel free to leave some feedback!

Caught Ya Slippin':

lördag 13 mars 2010

A-Real-Dope Compilation #10 (1991-1996)



01-troubleneck brothers-hectic-1994
02-misfits of madness-explosions (shorty)-1994
03-e.c.-every hood in the ill-1992
04-rampage-the last boyscout (mad niggas on the run)-1992
05-the rebels-yuup, yuup-1995
06-villain-steady life-199x
07-the zone-jazzy phunkadelphia-1996
08-main one-check da skillz (moriarty blend)-1995
10-whodini-do it again-1994
11-young but strong-in like a lion, out like a lamb-199x
12-prince ikey c-the doobie-1992
13-next chapter-skills!-1992
14-dope and a gun-can i get open?-1992
15-born supreme brothers-how i live-1994
16-t-bone-jabbin the jaw-1993
17-john doe-night time right time-199x
18-kings of swing-the blunted-1993
19-a.l.-it ain't life-1995
20-legion of doom-mad man's dream-1992
21-posse nfx-the king-1991

fredag 5 mars 2010

A-Real-Dope Compilation #9 (1988-1995)

Hello again. Just wanted to say that i'll keep these compilations coming once a week or two weeks or least i'll try, heh. This one is some fucking straight buttah! I really love this one right here. You have that classic '95 sound, you have that early fast flava with that amazing production and you got that grimey roughness too! Listen to the sound clip as you download and drop some lines on a comment if you feel like sayahlilsumthin'!

Track nr. 2 is missing on this soundclip.



01-tha chamba-sayahlilsumthin' (remix)-1995
02-forbidden fruit-keep it in mind-1993
03-ikee-rock on-1995
04-underground intelligence-bac to the old-1994
05-doug e fresh-guess who (platinum remix)-1988
06-the mighty quin-i want it all-19xx
07-shy rock-may the funk be with you (downtown)-1991
08-two outta millions-straight from the newschool-199x
09-sci-fi & hands-poison of choice-199x
10-funke natives-small talk on 125th st.-199x
11-asphalt poetry-freestyle mind frame-1993
12-various artists-wake up show theme intro-1994
13-big ish-got it going on-1991
14-the funk family-think b4 u step-1992
15-trouble-i get hype-1988
16-labtekwon-mista masta-1994
17-flavor rap productions-can you kick the flavor-199x
18-da mad poets-da mad poets prediction-1992
19-24-7 and the hoodfellas-let's have it-1992
20-madpack-six souls singin-1993
21-infa red-east side via to brooklyn (mix 3)-1995