torsdag 28 januari 2010

A-Real-Dope Compilation #6 (1992-1996)

Preview of tracks 1 to 23:


01-hardwe're-can you dig it-199x
02-mr. majestik, phd & big posse-fuk da' devil-1992
03-the mutha goose militia-ain't no change-1994
04-denocka-lyrical curse-1995
05-vibetree-as i come back-1994
06-power of existance-barrels 2 da head-199x
07-ghetto hippie-intro 2 da outro-1992
08-flatbush natives-big up big up-1994
09-lifers group-back in the days-1993
10-born supreme brothas-gotta be the brothers-1994
11-pride n' joy-let's put 'em on-199x
12-tymz up-check us out-1993
14-sauce money-serious-1995
15-lin que-rip it up (beatnuts remix)-1993
16-sherlock-beautiful wayz-1995
17-half pit half dead-better off dead (militant vinylist remix)-1994
18-krb-final analysis-1995
19-the amazin' jewel t-school of hardknocks-1992
20-scientifik-jungles of da east (moriarty blend)-1994
21-rasheed & ill advised-11th hour-199x
22-blueprint-4 da weekend-1995
23-underground intellect-watchyaback-1994

fredag 22 januari 2010

DJ Strictnine And Paranorm - Mic Reaction, 12" (1999)

Yo, what's up!

First off i want to take the oppertunity to say R.I.P. to Apache & Killa Sha which passed away. What a shame. We all remember them from The Flavor Unit Mc's and Killa Kidz. They truly blessed us with some good music.
Sad, sad.. Too many real heads has passed over such a short amount of time.

I might as well fill one request while im doing this post. I had a request to post a dope 12" by DJ Strictnine & Paranorm so will do so! The record gives us two very good tracks for being '99. "Psychological Profiles" is heated as fuck along with "Human Ebola". Too bad one of them is so short.

fredag 8 januari 2010

A-Real-Dope Compilation #5 (1992-1997)

dats right.. anotha fuckin heated compilation for ya'll to bop ya head 2. this time it's a lil' more rugged compared to the previous one but it still got dat flava ya know! these are all some tracks i picked quite fast which i've been listenin to a lot lately & can't seem to stop playin! i hope u'll like em as much as i do! i prefer to do compilations tbh, i think imma stick to doin dat as well as fillin requests @ chatbox but philaflava is already great a great place for dat in their weekly request thread so i dunno... we'll see how dis blog turn out. i guess i'll drop some random dope records from times, but i gotta admit i do enjoy makin these compilations more man! anyway.. i wish u all a great weekend, aight & leave some feedback if u can please. thank u!


01-e-komba-just a getta rap-1994
02-killer klan-tell dem (da blunt mix)-1995
03-lethahedz-mama said-1993

04-mellow t-pressure-199x

05-the bosco money project-i get lifted-1993

06-paracyce-hip hoper (set it off mix)-199x

07-pazz the jazz-jumpkick-1992

08-redd jazzie-the colors of jazz-1995

09-rhythm & poetry-slumptova-1994

10-5cent-five's the real deal-1993

11-asap-wrek the art-1992

12-ace dog-knock it off-1994

13-sat-n-smooth-the awakening-1993

14-strugglin' souls-rough neck anthem-1992

15-hard ii kill-fake-199x

16-421-set it-1994

17-style skillz-fake cats-1997

18-mad flava-kamikaze (remix)-1995

19-the hoodz-oolioo (maniak blend)-1994

20-1st down-front street (penalty blend)-1994

21-silvah bullet-red alert-1997

22-mcgruff-creep (imaga anima lyd remix)-1996

23-amar-concrete jungle-199x
24-reggie reg-round & round-199x

as usual here's the preview of all the tracks, 1-24:

SherLock - Time Breathin', 12" (1995)

anotha dope request in the chatbox. here's a really obscure release outta stocktown, sweden. the group "sherlock" consists of thomas rusiak, peewee, speedknock, seb-rock & infra red. dis were their first release and they got more dopeness which i can post if u like..

Get the realnezz

måndag 4 januari 2010

Big Foot - Military Kombat, 12" (1996)

what's up ya'll. hope u all had a great christmas & new years eve. i also wish you all the very best for 2010.

this was requested in the chatbox so i post it. just hit me up in the chatbox if u want me to upload something for ya.
this is a pretty good record, the "mortal kombat" track has some deep lyrics about something we should have done a long time ago but ppl ain't the same ppl like we used to be which can be seen & heard in many ways, the music for example...

big foot got 4 other releases which are pretty dope all of them. if anyone wants me to post some other just holla........... here's "mortal kombat" / "bring it":

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