tisdag 29 juni 2010

Mikst Nutz - Assorted Flavas, Casette (1992-1993)

Here's a dope and fresh demo tape for you all by Mikst Nutz! These guys are from Boston and they are: Big Oh, J.Rok, Budha Rok & DJ Kon. Maybe you'll recognize Big Oh from his "Handle Your B.I." twelwe from '96. Big up to him for sharing this! This is some headnoddin' stuff right here which obviously deserves to be heard by more people. Damn, I love this shit. It's just crazy this never were released.


1. Assorted Flavas
2. Hardcore Rhyme For Ya Mind
3. So Many Bitches
4. I Got Your Back
5. The Outro

Big Oh has got a page on myspace. Be sure to CHECK IT! He's still kickin' it with some dope beatz!

söndag 27 juni 2010

2 Deep 2 Sleep - Badlands, 12" (1992)

Here's a really dope record for you guys. Both tracks are killers! He mention Washington Heigts in his lyrics so I guess he's outta New York! If anyone got some info on this guy and if he released some other stuff please let me know!



måndag 21 juni 2010

Empty Pockets - Letters From The Field, Casette (1999)

Not long since I last posted but what the hell.. I figured I'd post this tape for you by Empty Pockets since I had a request to share this. It's pretty dope being from '99 (if I am allowed to put it like that, lol). There are some bangers as well as one or two laid back joints which are buttahz! You'll know which ones.

I guess a lot of people knows who Empty Pockets are since they got 4 other releases (Who Got The Mottz ('93), Illusions / All Fo Nothin ('96) & On 'E' / Marvelous ('99). They also released an album in '95 titled 'Who Got The Mottz'. They were down with a crew called 'Small Town' (Smalltown MC'z?) if I'm not totally mistaken. Empty Pockets consists of two brothers, Cello & G. LOX as well as JoeDamSelf which all three hails from Albuquerque, New Mexico. However they all went to highschool in Arizona which was where the whole interest around Hip Hop started for them back in '89.

So why do I write all this when I usually don't when doing a post? - Because I've had like 25 different people asking me where these guys comes from on YouTube, no kidding. So now you all know!


fredag 18 juni 2010

A-Real-Dope Compilation #16 (1990-1995)



01-poetic souls - too much tv-'92
02-dbc - hit the boomz-'93
03-a.p.g crew - too hot to handle-'91
04-abadaba & tha sonz of harlem - a sonz revenge-'95
05-dam native - behold my koolstyle-'9X
06-16-16 - it is done-'90
07-dynamic twins - no room 2 breathe-'93
08-d1: priority - brothas of a culture-'94
09-devious & juice - the plan-'9X
10-e.i.m. - sound sellers from the grave-'93
11-crazy rak - on the real tip-'93
12-sun, moon & star - don't sell out-'91
13-two x strong - i get lifted-'91
14-plan bee - quest 4 survival-'94
15-p.i.d. - get under the blood stream-'91
16-body snatchers - genocide-'95
17-sauce money - check out the horns-'95
18-fear - the evil that pens do-'95
19-foul play - nightfall round the way-'9X
20-lost m.c.'s - sun never sets-'94

Feel free to give some feedback!

söndag 13 juni 2010

Da Looptroop - Threesicksteez, Casette (1995)

Hello fellow readers. This is a post I do because I had a request to share this tape and I figured I might as well blog it. It's an okey tape! Some nice cuts on it with the best one being "Poetry Session".

a2-poetry session
a3-six million ways
a4-on trial
a5-cosmic supremacy
a6-boom rap embeets
a7-snot noses
a8-back to da lab part 2
a9-071-back to da lab (by phone)
b2-lyrical murderin'
b3-you gettin' down
b6-071-shout out service

Check it out:

tisdag 8 juni 2010

The Amazin' Jewel T - School Of Hardknocks, 12" (1992)

Amazingly dope Hip Hip outta Philly, don't sleeeep!

a1-School of Hardknocks
a2-County Blues
a3-School of Hardknocks (LP Version)
b2-County Blues (Rikers Island Version)

Check out these dope vidoes below: