fredag 25 september 2009

The Hoodz - Pull Out Your Gatz / Wacha Gonna Do, 12" (1993)

Had a request for this one as well and since I posted their first 12" I gotta post this one as well because it is just as dope! This 12" reminds me a lot of the group The Henchmen which I've made a post about earlier. My winner has to be the main mix of "Pull Out Your Gatz":

Download VLS (No radio versions included)

Nitebreed (The Prince Of Darkness) - Meditations On Death, 12" (1994)

Someone requested this. It's pretty dope! It's Horrorcore and it is from 1994 and I guess they're from the New York area? Or maybe Chicago? Anyway..these guys were dissing Gravediggaz on their EP. The winner for me is the "Son Of Sound" track. Well suited production to such a dark track. Whatcha' think?

Download VLS

torsdag 24 september 2009

Various - Missing Link, EP (1996)

Anotha dope and obscure release for ya'll. Someone requested this a while back so I figured I'd post it. It was released on Slam'n Tracks Productions in 1996. The winner for me is defenetly "Red 1 A.C.C. - My People":

Download full EP

Doo Dirty - Live By The Gun, 12" (1996)

Yo, today I'm dropping a pretty obscure 12" from the group Doo Dirty. I have no information at all about this I'm afraid. If you can provide any information please do so by dropping a comment.

It was released on Diamond Life Productions in 1996 and the winner for me is "Live By The Gun", which is the rough side on this 12"!

Download full VLS

söndag 20 september 2009

Various - The Ultimate Reign Of Musical Assassins Vol. 1, EP (1995)

Waddap headz! How did you like my mix? I'm going to continue doing some mixes I think!

Some guy requested this and it's too dope to not do a post about!

It was released on Phunky Skunk Music in 1995 and features five different emcees. Props, Pashun 'N' Da Loonatik, 3rd Degree and B Supa. I don't know much about these rappers apart from that 3rd Degree is from New Jersey and you might be familiar by him from his "Travel Trough Darkness" release (Very good). So if anyone got anymore information about the other rappers please feel free to add it in the comment section!

The winner tracks on this EP for me are these two tracks below:

Don't flip out yo! Pashun 'N' Da Loonatik - Lyrical High makes me high!

Download EP (Sorry that there are no instrumentals on it)

By the way, my man Moriarty did a dope blend on that "OoliOo" track by The Hoodz! Give it a listen trough here and tell me what you think of it, will you? I find it better than the original!:

Cookies to the one who first says which instrumental he used!


onsdag 2 september 2009

A-Real-Dope Compilation #1 (1990 - 1999)

I've always wanted to do a compilation with tracks that I absolutely love. Sure, there are thousands but it would not be any fun for you if I took tracks that most of you have already heard or tracks which I've been posting in previous posts or on other blogs so I tried to surprise as many as possible and still keep the quality up. It's hard, very hard because I know there's mad heads around this blog which have heard pretty much everything in the ninties (okey not everything, but you get my point) so I - as I said, tried to surprise and please as many as possible with some hopefully un-heard madness for most of the people. This is a 20 track heavy mix!

Here's a preview with all the 20 tracks, from the start to the finish:

I tried to mix it up a bit so it starts off with a mystical tough and after that the grimey roughness coupled with the boom bap flava begins and continues for some tracks. Then it gets more toned down on the roughness but you'll continue to hear that boom bap and flavored type of rap. Towards the end it all gets more deep, both lyricly & with the beautiful pianos and more crispy stuff.

So play it from from start to finish for maximum pleasure!


01-different shades of black - intro/comprehension-1998 (remix)
02-prisoners of war - to become mc's-199x
03-da minds of sol - blinded by da light-1997
04-olori rock - ruff -n- tuff-1994
05-raw approach - wrong nek of da woodz (brownsville mix)-1993
06-onyx - shifftee (remix)-1993
07-m.c. slice - bitch ass niggaz-1993
08-pazz the jazz - give em what they want-1992
09-tymz up - klap tu dis-1993
10-tymz up - phunky phat phlava-1993
11-mutha goose militia snippets-199x
12-tymz up - mic grippa-1993
13-m.c. jewel with d.j. screen - i am a poet-1990
14-nu-d-zine - hit'en the wild style-1993
15-rymskeme - da word-1992
16-fear - hate-1995
17-molecules - revenge-1997
18-first platoon - end of da world-1999
19-mad max squad - lot's of love-199x
20-forbidden - how do i say goodbye-1997

Damn, you have to realize that this was really hard and took mad long time to decide which tracks I should use but this was the result and I hope most of you are pleased with it. Obviously some people have heard these tracks before but I think the majority hasn't. I tried my best on that..almost! You know there might be a #2 in the future so I need to keep some gems but I surely dropped a lot of diamonds in this compilation. Maybe too many, lol.

Be sure to play this shit on high volume because it's banging and please tell me which track(s) you dig the most. I'd really like to hear your opinion on that and also regarding the compilation itself since it is the first time I do a compilation, ever.

tisdag 1 september 2009

THE HOODz - All In Da Mind, 12" (1994)

This is the last post I do before I get some more response from people on the stuff I upload. I don't even know if there are interessted people in this blog except for a few people and if there ain't many interessted people there is no use for me to run this blog. Just a waste of time! The counter on this page is mostly from bots anyway so show yourself if you're here downloading! Write some comments here and there. Tell me what you like etc! Nothing hard, ye?

Here's another pretty obscure 12" from the crew "The Hoodz" (Hi again Jaz). This is some raw underground shit. My kinda steez! It was released on Blunted Records in 1994. Just around the time when Moe Crazy dropped his dopeness on the same label, maybe some year later, not sure. There's not much more to say here because I don't know much about these cats apart from that they released another 12" called "Pull Out Your Gatz" which I've been looking for, for quite some time but I haven't had any luck. I've only heard snippets from it and it's madness just as this release. My winner is on the B-side called "OoliOo":

Boom! Yeah?! How are you feeling now? That's what I thought! OoliOOoliOoo!!

Download full VLS

Thanks to the one who originally shared this onto the intrawebz!

Moe Crazy - Knock 'Em Out Da Frame, 12" (1993)

Another bomb dropped on you. Jaz was looking for this one as well so I figured I'd post this as well. Many may not know of Moe Crazy but he was part of Dirty Face Angels which releases two very dope records. Moe Crazy was also down with Chi Ali which you may know from his quite obscure album from 1992 called "The Fabulous Chi-Ali". Moe Crazy was also down with Tony Tone which released a fucking nice 12" called "Flow To The Bone" back in 1993 which is worth checking out. Either way, this release was done on Blunted Records in 1993. Blunted Records had artists/groups such as The Hoodz. I'll cover one of their releases in my next post. They are ill, very very ill.

I'm not sure where Moe Crazy is from, but I'm farily sure he's from somewhere in New York. If you know please write so in the comment section, thanks.

My winner of this is on the A-side called "Knock 'Em Out Da Frame"!:

Download full VLS

Shorty Long - Shorty'z Doin' His Own Thang, 12" (1994) / You Know It's Good Baby, 12" (1996) / The South Boogie EP (2008)

Sup peeps, how you doing? Gonna drop some madness on ya'll today as well because I am sick & bored. I hope I didn't catch the swine-flu :E

Today I'm going to cover Shorty Long, which is a rapper from Bronx, New York with connection to the famous D.I.T.C. and especially Lord Finesse. I might as well cover all of his releases because they are all dope.

First up is his first release called "Shorty'z Doin' His Own Thang". This was released in 1994 on Long Shorr Records. My winner is on the A-side below:

Classic Lord Finesse production. Gotta love it!

Download full VLS

Next up is his second release called "You Know It's Good Baby" which was released in 1996 on the same label. The winner for me is defenetly on the B-side called "Let's Get At It...":

Mike Smooth on the production!

Download VLS (Sorry there are no instrumentals on this.) FUCK! Anyone got the full rip? Holla.

Next up is the limited EP called The South Boogie EP. This was released in 2008 on One Leg Up Records. Check out the releases on that label! Winner for me on this EP is "Be Alright" track, no doubt:

As you can hear from the previous track it is Mike Smooth on the production again. Smoothness!

Download full EP

Thanks to the ones who originally shared these onto the intrawebz!

PS: This was a request post.