fredag 20 november 2009

A-Real-Dope Compilation #3 (1992-1996)

Whats up ya'll? Friday and I got some fucking heat to share! I was bored and decided to make a new compilation for ya'll eventhough it wasn't that long since I did my last, but fuck it. Not much to explain about it. I picked some tracks I've been listening a lot to lately and I hope you're all feeling them just as much as I do. The Boombap factor is maxed out! There's about 200+ people which have downloaded my compilations! Thanks for that! Tell me what you think of them please! I'd like to hear which tracks you dig the most and the least etc.. Oh, and I'm deeply sorry if the quality of some of the tracks are rather poor but you'll manage I hope! I know it can be irritating when you hear such an awesome track and the quality is fucked up. :E Anyway, lets get to the tracklist shall we..


01-black a.g. & quicksilver cooley-g n bud-1995
02-bá bá kidz-bad boyz-1993
03-earthquake-only for the wicked-1994
04-2 kannon-keep it goin'-1992
05-doo wop & da bounce squad-bounce, rock, skate, roll-1993
06-lonnie o-dream on-1992
07-lonnie-o-it's lik dat-1994
08-total chaos-cum and get sum-1993
09-rough luxery crew-pandemonium-1993
10-press play-hip hop crib-1992
11-lyric lords-need i say more-1993
12-lord ishawn & the bronx outlaws-microphone check-1992
13-larry larr-funk freakers-1993
14-sha'dasious-mr. dasious (remix)-1992
15-swing kidz-untitled-199x
16-big e. smalls & ant live-da sure shot-1993
17-5 star crew-yo! we got alot!-1992
18-madstyle feat. evil twinz-redrum-1993
19-rhythm radicals-put our thing down-1992
21-three over the kuku's nest-helter skelter-1994
22-buda hedz-unknown track-1994
23-angel of def feat. freak dog-hero-1995
24-w.i.z feat. sazon: the lyrical spice-goin for the killin'-1995
25-east flatbush house of rep's-e.f. house of rep's-1996
26-draztik mezurz-i can't sleep-1994

Here is a preview of the all the tracks, 1-26:

I'd like to give mad shoutouts to the people who originally shared these bangin' tracks onto the internet. Bless you! You know who you are.

Peace to s-rock for his mad taste & dope mixes!

onsdag 18 november 2009

Ram Squad - Ramboom, 12" (1994)


here's a fucking dope 12" outta philly by Ram Squad. They got a whole lot of releases which is dope but this one right here is THE killer. I'm feeling all of the three tracks on it, dunno which i like the most. this was released 1994 on "bank management" and got Sha'dasious & Miz on the sick production.. too bad i'm lacking the instrumentals. hope ya'll are fine anyway..

get the illness!

propz to schenectadyfan !

måndag 16 november 2009

Maja League - Organized Crime, 12" (1997)

Someone wanted this and I uploaded it elsewhere but I figured I'd drop it here as well since I've uploaded it already! It's quite dope! Maja League is from Long Island, New York. This was released in 1997 on Southeast Entertainment. The winner on this 12" for me is:

Get the illness!

söndag 15 november 2009

Goldmine - Cartwheels & Handsprings II, CD (1997)


Here's a dope CD. I bought this recently for $1,20 (Whaa?!) The production on this CD is amazing. I am not sure if ya'll gonna feel it since it got an RNB touch to it on a lot of the tracks but the following tracks will get you hyped up: "Accident", "Now To Infinity" and "Eye's Peepin'" The second named track has the rapper ADL featured which you may be familiar with from my earlier post about his group "Absent Minded". If you didn't get it by now, this crew is from Sweden! Here's 3 previews:


Now To Infinity:

Eyes Peepin':

Get the realness!

fredag 13 november 2009

Da Nubian One Son Publik Anounsa - Deep Concentration, 12" (1997)

requested !!!!! u may be familiar wit one of da dudes on this 12" from his joint "comin' from crooklyn jointz" , dats a really nice joint..anyway this features two emcees, and was released in 1997 on "upreyes entertaintment". dunno which track i dig the most tbh im too fucked's one:

get the illness !

props to mchawkone !

3rd Degree - Nobody's Bizness, 12" (1998)

BLAW BLAW! can't sleep.. so i will drop some more gems.. here is 3rd degree outta NJ. this was released on "mars entertainment" in 1998. U may be familiar wit 3rd degree from The SCam EP i posted earlier or any of his other 3 releases ? either way, this is one of those 12" which the b-side totally kills it. just listen:

get the illness !

thanks to nobs @ for da scan.

torsdag 12 november 2009

Various - New England Hip Hop Massive, 12"/EP (1993)

One of the most wanted 12"/EP's from the ninties within Hip Hop. It was released on "DFO Record Group" in 1993. Holocaust Frost, Subversive Element, Hooded Tactics, SFL Productions and Literate Disciples drops some heat here! They are from Boston, Massachusetts, if I am not totally mistaken. If you want a good review of this record I suggest you click HERE. The winner bomb on this is without any doubt the "The Line Up" track:

Get the illness!

onsdag 11 november 2009

Pryme Tyme - P.H.D., 12" (1993)


Here is a dope 12" outta Brooklyn by Pryme Tyme. If you like to smoke blunts & listen to classic Hip Hop this is for you! It was released in 1993 on B.O.M.B. Records. I am defenetly feeling the "P.H.D." joint here:

Get the illness!

tisdag 10 november 2009

3 to da head !!

Get the track

Grimey enough for you? I.....died..

And once you're ready for the next..

I love you too!

Get the track

Last but not least..

Get the track

How are you feeling?

Millions of thanks to Huntkillberry, tapemaniak and Mad Human for uploading these! And folks..please tell me what you think of the 3 tracks!

Da Rezawrektaz ! - Mulah $$$, 12" (1995)

Pretty dope 12" outta New Jersey. Released on Cipher Records in 1995. I've always wanted to hear this record and I guess a lot of you guys as well. Either way, the winner is "Mulah $$$" without any question! What you guys think?

Get the illness!

Da Minds of Sol - Blinded By The Light, 12" (1997)

Yo! I had a request to post this 12" by Da Minds of Sol. This is a pretty wicked record. I especially enjoy the beat and I know many others do too! This was released on 5th Dynasty in 1997. And they are from Philly!

The winner is without any question for me the "Blinded By The Light" track and you might recognize it if you've download my first compilation.

A1 - Blinded By The Light (Street Edit)
A3 - Blinded By The Light (Instrumental)
B1 - Holocaust Part II (Street Edit)
B3 - Holocaust Part II (Instrumental)

lördag 7 november 2009

Brother Most - Wind It Up, 12" (1993)

A really nice 12" for you all. I hope you enjoy it! It was released on Rol-Up Records in 1993 and it's Brother Most's first release. He had some other releases too which is worth checking out on. Here is his other release "Did You Want Some Mo'". And Here is another dope 12 by him called "Bunga Nattural". DOPE SHIT! Thanks a lot to CrimeFamily for coming through on these two!

Brother Most is from Marlyland, DC if I'm not mistaken. Check out the winner on this 12":

And here is the video for the track:

Download VLS

T.H.U.G.G.S - Move Your Body, 12" (1995)

Here is another dope record outta NYC. It was released in 1995 on "Word Is Bond Productions".

"Move Your Body" is the winner for me:

Download VLS

III D - Can I Pump That?, 12" (1994)

Yo, whats good all.

Great 12" by "III D" outta NYC. This was released in 1994 on "On Point Entertainment". I don't have much more information about it. If anyone got any more information about him wrote so! I can't decide which track I like the most. Both are insanely good! Here are they:

Download VLS

torsdag 5 november 2009

Indie wantz..

I'll try return the f(l)avor! So far I haven't gotten anything at all from anyone coming to this site. If you got anything I'm looking for please say so in the chat or comment section.

I hope you liked my second compilation! 130 downloads only so far though, meh.. :P

Peace ya'll!