måndag 31 augusti 2009

Illcrook - Illcrook, 12" (1994)

I'm to tired to write anything. I'm having a fever! Just wanted to share this VLS with you guys (Especially to Jaz since he was looking for the fill rip of this one).

Illcrook is from Brooklyn and he released this madness back in 1994 on After Dark Records. I don't really have much more information about this cat. I think this was his only release.

I didn't feel this track that much the first time I heard it but the more I listen to it the better it gets and when I heard it now I was abit blown away, lol.

Download full VLS

Thanks to the one who originally shared this onto the intraweb!

onsdag 19 augusti 2009

Godfather Don!

who got the spark to spark the unsparkable?! u know i'm remarkable. u can't fuck wit da fatha so don't even botha!!

Yo, today I'm going to cover the legendary Don of Hip Hop which is no other then Godfather Don. I wasn't sure if I'd cover all of his releases (Though I'll skip the Hydra Beat ones) but I figured I might as well because they are all pretty much dope! I know I usually say "this gotta be my favorite group/artist bla bla", but when I say it now I hope you understand clearer. Just look at the number of productions & releases this guy has done and simply everything he has done is quality music. Sure, some are better than others but much of his material holds a top-notch standard when it comes to flow, rhymes, production & lyrics. He is as I said truly the godfather of Hip Hop. At least in my opinion! Just as the previous post I'm going to start off by his first release and so forth. You will get every release he has done in this post so take your time now and don't just mass download. Please listen to the material deeply because I swear it is all very good stuff I post. So..enough talking now and lets get onto the music! Uhm, oh.. of course I shall post a short biography as well as I do with every artist/group I blog about!

Godfather Don is a producer and rapper from Bushwick, New York. He has done 13 releases and 5 instrumental LP's. He is a member of The Cenobites along with Kool Keith which also have contributed to the game a lot. But lets focus on his homie Don for now! Godfather Don also appeared in the group The Groove Merchantz. Obviously both Keith & Merchantz are worth checking!

I don't think there is anyone out there or has been out there in the game ever that is as good as Godfather Don. That is of course my own cents but if you listen to his material you're going to know what I mean.

If you all want a personal biography of the man himself I highly suggest you click HERE. There you have an in depth interview from him. Defenetly worth reading! So, with this said lets go on to the music!

I wasn't sure I'd post his first release because I do not feel the 91 sound that much but I changed my mind and figured I'd share his first album with you because it is classic material and the fact that the album is classified as an nostalgic and perfect album. I cannot say I don't agree, but it is just that it is personally 1-2 years too early for my ears. But that is a matter of personal taste as we all know!

His first album is called "Hazardous" and was released 1991 on Select Records - a label which had artists/groups such as Chubb Rock, Main One, Red Hot Lover Tone, Black Madness, Mack Da Maniac, Kid'N'Play, King Just and more. We can all say that the label offered a loooot of flava if you like that. (Of course you do..)

I personally like the track 8 Million Stories but my favorite track of this album gotta be:

Yep yep!

Download CD

I'm not going to post year by year here because I'm not fully sure which release that was released before the other etc. so I'll just randomly post all his releases, aiight? Okey, on to another release called "Styles By The Gram". This 12" was released on Hydra Entertainment in 1997. Hydra Entertainment is a label YOU MOST CHECK OUT! Nuff said. Anyway, my winner on this wax is the track "Styles By The Gram" eventhough every track of the 3 is amazing.

Download VLS (I'm sorry there are no instrumentals on this 12")

Next up is his "Piece of the Action" 12" which was released on Hydra Entertainment as well and the year is just as the previous post 1997. This release might be one of my favorite (At least it is the one which I've been playing the most I must say.) It's very hard for me to decide which track I like the most of the two but if I had to pick I'd say "Seeds of Hate" takes it. His rhymes & flow are soooo sick on this one. Sure they usually are but I mean especially on this track:

No words on this track, really. I mean...no..fuck it..i'll let your ears/minds do the talk instead.

Download full VLS

Next up is his "Life Ain't The Same" which is (argh..I'm going to keep saying the same thing here on each release..) one of my favorite releases and I've been listening a lot to this one as well. This was released on Hydra Entertainment as well and the year is still 1997. I personally like both tracks but I'd say "On The Other Side" is a bit better in my opinion. On this 12" you'll hear both Sir Menelik & Mike L features. Below is the winner track:


Download full VLS

Next up is the "Live From New York" 12" which he did with the Screwball member Hostyle. This was released on Hydra Entertainment and the year is still 1997. "3 The Hard Way" is heat! I like it when R.A. The Rugged Man and Prince Po spits here and the beat is great!

Yet again I am sorry I do not have the instrumentals for this VLS. I hope you'll be fine anyway. Also, don't mind the cover I used on the embeded link from YouTube, hehe.

Download VLS

On to his second album which is called "Diabolique" and was released on Hydra Entertainment in 1998. This album is really underrated if you ask me. Not much more to say apart from that my favorite track on this has to be "Live & Let Die" eventhough "Kaos" is a great track too! Worth to mention is that O.C. & Scaramanga features on "Live & Let Die" and did a very well done job! Also - they are obviously worth checking out more on if you haven't heard much from them but I guess most have!

Download CD

Next up is the "Fame" 12" he did. I personally find this release a bit weak compared to the other stuff he did. Don't get me wrong, it is a dope 12" but compared to his others I say it's abit behind but we all have different taste and some may find this his best. It was released in 1998 on Hydra Entertainment. Check it! Winner for me is "Da Bomb Baby". Beat is defenetly on point!

Download full VLS

Next up is the "Do You Know?" 12". This was released on Hydra Entertainment in 1999. I find this 12" pretty weak as well compared to a lot of his material eventhough "Do You Know?" is a veeeery nice track, but it was on the "Diabolique" album as I've already posted but I will still post this 12" for you heads.

Download full VLS

I hope you're all enjoying what I'm posting so far. Now it's time for another album again. An album which was released 2007 on Hydra Entertainment and contains previously unreleased tracks from the ninties. This album is so wicked! My favorite track on this album has to be the "Sleep" track:

So fucking perfect! Seriously people, do you realize by now how good this guy is? If you don't you shouldn't listen to Hip Hop at all or claim whatever you like today is Hip Hop. Because THIS is Hip Hop! Nuff said.

Download CD

Next up is "The Slave of New York E.P." which is quite obscure and hard to get. This was released in 1997 on "Diggers With Gratitude" and limited to 150 copies. I prefer the "Inverted" track. What about you?

Download EP

I will skip to upload the "Billy Bathgate" EP which I was going to do now but I chose not to because I ain't feeling it at all. Holla if you want it personally sent!

Next up is the "Ill Funk Freaker EP" which was released in 2009 on "One Leg Up Records". I personally find "8 Million Stories" the best on here this as the previous is a limited release to 100 copies.

Download EP

Next up are are very obscure 12" called "Stuck Off The Realness" which was released in 2000 on Hydra Entertainment. This 12" is limited to 100 copies. I can't really say which track I prefer of these but I'll say "Status" if I had to pick!

Perfect track. I fully understand why this 12" is so wanted!

Download full 12"

I'll skip to blog about the two Cenobites releases. I hope you don't mind. This post took me almost 3 straight hours, heh. Please show me some appriciation! Give me feedback, it's fast and it's easy. And as I have said two times before: The more feedback I get the more I will post.

Thanks and I hope you've enjoyed this post!

torsdag 13 augusti 2009

100X - Beyond The Door, 12" (1994), Fast Loot Tactics, EP (1996), Whom Shall I Fear?, LP (2009)

ain't no turnin' back once u enta da jungle, now who da fuck wanna rumble!?

Sup folkz, how ya' doin? As always I hope you're all good! Sit tight and...ehm, i mean open your window, turn them speakers up, stand the fuck up and prepare for another dope post! ^,,^

I'm going to be covering 3 releases by the merciless 100X and I'm going to start off with their first release and so forth. People who doesn't know who they are and love Hip Hop have defenetly missed something. And how you could have missed this sick ass posse I don't know. If people want their early stuff & some other stuff say so and I might be able to give you that but I won't blog it. I'm covering their best (in my opinion) releases eventhough "The Pain" is a sick ass track which won't be included.

Short bio: 100X are from Philadelphia and has been in the game since the late 80's eventhough they did most of their stuff in the early 90's. This crew consists of 7 people, the very talented producer L.E. Square (his Myspace), Mustafo, Lex Ruger, Bad Newz, Mal Blak, Lamar Supreme and G Masica.

If you want a more in depth review of this dope philly group I highly suggest you click HERE. Now, lets go on to the music instead...(I hope you've opened up the windows & turned up your speakers by now).

Here is their first release called "Beyond The Door" and as all of their tracks it has that grimey and raw style with a crispy & amazing production by L.E. Square. This was released on X-Calibre' Street in 1994. My favorite track is without any doubt the "Beyond The Door" track, what about you? Oh, and as you can hear it's an almost identical production as the unreleased "Whatta You Know" track by Cypress Hill but L.E. Square imo did it better eventhough Muggs truly is one of the best producers in the game, but L.E. Square is in the same league, if not better.

Download full VLS

Next up are their second release which is called "Fast Loot Tactics" and this was released in 1996 on X-Calibre' Street too. I would say this EP is my favorite release. I don't know how much I've banged my head to this EP, but it's a lot I can tell you. My winner is the "Fast Loot Tactics" track. Fucking bang this shit on your local party & spread that rough & rugged realness! Whoes the winner for you?

Download full EP

Last but not least I'm going to cover one of their 3 releases which are from 2009. The actual tracks though were recorded between 1993-1995. This LP is called "Whom Shall I Fear?" and was released some month back on Freestyle Records. A label which you defenetly should check out more releases on - You won't get disapointed I promise!
I've only listened to half of this LP and man, this is some really really dark & grimey horrorcore. It cannot get any more dark than this. You need a break after half the LP because it's so dope! Not going to write anything more apart from that the "Gory Jungle" track is the winner so far for me, but take it easy with this track, haha. Don't play it when you're angry, drunk or for kids and/or mentally volatile people, lol.

Now..I've always been a fan of Horrorcore but this is something extra in that genre. This LP truly kills every other horrorcore I've ever heard & I've heard a lot troughout the years. What do you think?

Download full LP

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måndag 10 augusti 2009

Phat Pockets - The Hustle Goes On, CD (1997)

Life is hectic, but the hustle goes on..

Yo peepz! What's good? I hope you had a great weekend. Mine was great! Anyway, lets skip the trash talk because I hate it and I bet you all does that as well. Lets just keep it at the music instead, hehe.

Did you enjoy the Ill Biskits I posted? I sure hope so! Today I'll post another album which has been played very frequently for me the last months or so. And as I said about the Ill Biskit album I say about this one as well: You won't find ANY avrage or weak track on this either. Isn't that just great?

It's a group called "Phat Pockets" which are L-Rock and the producer Oh Jay. These guys made a lot of Hip Hop back in the days. And some people may know Oh Jay from Dope Posse and/or Family Jewels. If someone want I'll try to post some stuff later on by those groups. Either way, these guys have been in the game for mad long and contributed with a lot of very dope Hip Hop troughout the years. Respect!

Phat Pockets from the Netherlands and you will defenetly see me post more Hip Hop which are from that country because they had some really dope and slept on shit which I think should be recognized more. This album were released in 1997 on Djax Records which had groups such as 24K and Dope Posse on the same label. You should defenetly check out more Hip Hop from the Netherlands. You won't get disapointed!

Here is the track "The Hustle Goes On" which is the winner track for me as a preview:

Don't mind the cover I used. I couldn't find the original copy so I used a random dope vinyl record cover of "da germ", lol. What do you think about the album guys? Hit me back in the comment section what you think about the album or with whatever. As I said in my first post - The more feedback I get the more I will post. It keeps me motivated and I tell you that motivation is something you need to run a blog. If you want something posted on this blog just hit me up in the chatbox or comment section and I'll more than gladly post it if I have it, but the shit betta be good, ya huurd!

Download CD

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fredag 7 augusti 2009

Ill Biskits - God Bless Your Life, 12" (1994) / Chronicle Of Two Losers, CD (1996)

Da Biskits bringz da remedy!! SO RECOGNIZE!!

Yo, sup. I'm sorry I haven't posted in some days but I've been busy and not avaliable. I hope you all had a great friday. I slept pretty much the whole day because I was out yesterday and didn't feel well at all. Slept one hour in total! Tomorrow I'm going out for another party. This time BBQ at a homie. Gonna be sweeeet, yo!

Anyway..today I'm gonna post two releases of the infamous Virginia group called "Ill Biskits". First I'm going to cover their first release which is from 1994 called "God Bless Your Life". This 12" is pretty sick. All of the tracks are really dope but my winner is the "God Bless Your Life" track but I gotta say "22 Years" is just as good with the legendary Lord Finesse on the production. These guys didn't do any avrage tracks. All of their tracks were truly a masterpiece in my opinion. What do you think?

As I said Ill Biskits are from Petersburg, Virginia and consists of two emcees whoes names are D.Durant & M.Warrens A.K.A. Kleph Dollaz. Kleph released a solo 12" called "The Dawn". Which I've heard ain't really as good as the Ill Biskits releases. Anyway..here is their first release which was released on Khari Entertainment in 1994.

Download full VLS

Here is their CD called "Chronicle of two Losers: First Edition" and was released on Atlantic in March, 1996. This CD is such an underrated CD that I don't think there are any more underrated ones out there. And also, this CD is one of my favorite CD of all time, no doubt about that. My favorite track is "Recognize", such a headbanga'. What about yours?

This CD was later re-released again in 2007 on the same label by the way.

Download CD

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tisdag 4 augusti 2009

Lord Aaqil - Check It Out, EP (1993)

Ey yo kidz, keep ya guardz up!!

What's up ya'll? Hope you're all fine! Today I'll share a really dope EP called Check It Out from this cat called Lord Aaqil. I remember the first time I heard this EP and I got some major chills and I think I played it all day long. I just couldn't stop playing it and I'm still listening to it quite frequently. If you haven't heard it yet I hope you'll be just as amazed as I got when I first heard it. This was released 1993 on Tobeat Records and I don't know if you can get anymore flava than this.

Lord Aaqil is from Philadelphia (thanks Mad Human) and you'll defenetly see me posting more of artists from that town since a whole lot of dope & mostly rugged stuff came outta that place! Anyway, time to rull a fat philly blunt & hear this EP out if you haven't!

It's hard for me to decide which track I like the best but if I have to pick one I would say "Kid, What's Ya Name" is my winner eventhough "Kick It Like Dis" is just as good, but a bit less heat in it.

Daaaaaaam! What you think guys? "Kid, What's Ya Name" makes you fucked up ye? Max volume in the car on that shit or at the local jam / party. DO IT!

Download EP

söndag 2 augusti 2009

Sons Of Sam - Oooh He Got An Afro, 12" / Unbirth, EP (1993-1994)

RANT: Worth to mention is that I ain't running this blog to expand the number of mp3 files for you or for personal fame or whatever. I am ONLY running this blog because I want to educate the people today on what the real Hip Hop is. Hip Hop which is mixed with Soul, Jazz and Funk along with deep lyrics (on most occasions) that are meaningful. That is Hip Hop, atleast for me. Today we see people that loves Hip Hop but they are so unfamiliar how the real Hip Hop can (not saying should) sound. I know old doesn't always mean real though. I listen to a bit of new Hip Hop too. Also some people that think they know what's real but I can't blame them because today's generation doesn't get to see and learn about Hip Hop as we did on Yo!, MTV Rap, BET, etc. The music today on TV we all know is infected and I feel sorry for the young and clueless people.

I've had people coming to me and said "Damn man, I didn't know this music even
existed, thank you!" - "Damn, can't you hook me up with a mixtape CD?" etc. Then I know I've succeed on what I'm trying to accomplish as much as possible. To educate and learn the uneducated people and also the fact that the sound truly is different on a sp1200 compared to todays modern recordings. Also I'd like to say that I don't have these EP's, 12"'s, CD's and LP's but they were once shared onto the internet, thus they are avaliable for download and to hear out on. If you don't like that I don't have the stuff I upload then get the fuck out of here. If I had the money I would build the worlds largest collection if I could and if I had the power I would make this being played on radio too, but I ain't got that power and I aint got that money, you know. /1 love, Peace.

I had a request to upload Sons of Sam so I figured I'd do that! - If you aren't familiar with Sons of Sam here's a short bio:

Sons of Sam are Samson and Xav which are from Burlington, New Jersey. Their first release is called "Oooh He Got An Afro" and was released 1993 on Workshop Records. This 12 inch became a collectors piece and I can understand why.

It has that early Jersey flava with the rugged rhymes along with a jazzy production. Perfect! The winner for me is defenetly "Oooh He Got An Afro" - What about yours? I'm sorry by the way that the instrumental is missing. But I'll do my best to get it for those who want it, myself included.

Download VLS

..16 years later it came to the news that an EP with 6 previously unreleased tracks recorded between 1993 and 1994 were going to be released called "The Unbirth EP" on Vinyl Addicts. This EP is, just as their first release very dope & has the same jazzy Jersey flava we all love so much and want more of. Thanks Vinyl Addicts & Sons of Sam!
Those who got the cash & loves Hip Hop should defenetly grab a copy if you see this around because it is a limited release.

My winner is "Move Fakin'" - Great track! What do you think? Oh, and thanks to tape maniak that he shared his picture of his scan. Much more dope with a scan!

Download EP

Here is some more Sons of Sam for you and as far as I know at least Xav is still in the making of music if you check his Myspace out!

And here is a movie clip with Xav and Samson talking about the EP and some more:

Thanks to the ones who originally shared these onto the intraweb!

lördag 1 augusti 2009

Big O - Shmoov Wit Da Ruffness, 12" (1996)

Sup peepz, hope you're enjoying your weekend. Mine's been relaxing! Have been taken it shmoov wit da ruffness, you know!

Today I'll post a dope wax from a cat called Big O. He's from Brooklyn, New York and this was released in 1996. I think this is his only release which is too bad because this shit is both smooth & rough! Just the way we like it. This was released on Blackwiz Records, a label which pretty much only released deep house music and some trance. How and why Big O got onto that label, i don't know.

My winner is the "Schmoov Mix". What about yours? I know this was covered on another blog but people wanted the instrumentals too so I figured I'd post this.

Oh and look at this review on the label from this swedish guy: "Please be aware of the "Shmoov Wit Da Ruffness" release which is a terrible attempt to record a Hip Hop 12"." - What a fucking idiot. Now I feel a bit ashamed for being swedish, damn.

Download full VLS

Thanks to the one who originally shared this onto the intrawebz!