fredag 26 februari 2010

A-Real-Dope Compilation #8 (1988-1998)

Yo! for me the "best" 10 years in hip hop music were between 88 to 98 and here u got some dope joints between those ten years. i only included two or so tracks from the eightees & the same amount for late ninties. as u know i prefer 92-94 so most from those years! anyway, tell me what ya think as always. quality on some of these tracks nr. 3, 9, 17, 18 & 20 are from demo recordings thus the quality is pretty low but nevertheless it's amazingly dope. tell me wat ya think of my #8th compilation will u? enjoy ur weekend & take care.


01-hardwe're-put it on your ass-199x
02-flavor rap productions-act like you know-199x
03-pazz the jazz-step if ya wanna-1992
04-two outta millions-manhunt-1994
05-dj cuetips and mc dashy-d-control-1988
06-courageous cheif-no feedback-1991
07-lyrical black jack-naked gun-1992
08-sport ''g'' and mastermind-don't do it to yourself-198x
09-big ish-can you hear me-199x
10-radikal doodz-definately on-1993
11-da mad poets-mad poets in the house-1995
12-phorced n' tre-the newcomer-199x
13-sfc-one time-1994
14-infinite description-swinging tight-1994
15-dougie dee-it's your birthday-1993
16-lastrawze-come on in-199x
17-mc serge-both sides-1993
18-unknown emcee-y equals self-199x
19-stylz-bounce (remix)-1993
20-i-power-break da rulez-1993
21-phats bossilini-the boss-199x
22-ship of fools-claiming your style-1998

tisdag 16 februari 2010

Baby Chill (R.I.P.)

Yo, I had a request to share some Baby Chill (one emcee of the famous crew Blaque Spurm and also a member of the crew Nappy Assassins) joints so I made a new post here i figured. Many may not be too familiar on who Baby Chill was. He were part of the group Blaque Spurm, Secret Squirrels, Central Jersey All Stars or The Funk Family. They went by a lot of different names back in the days!

Baby Chill as well as Bobbie Fine (B-Fyne) got solo LP's, sadly I only have Bobbies. Except for these five tracks by Baby Chill which i share with you now. There's LOADS of material out there avaliable to purhase & these guys always kept it real and they did a whole lot of dope joints. People usually say Naughty by Nature was the pride of New Jersey but fuck it, I'll say these were the pride of New Jersey!

Check these links out and support them. Trust me they were one of the most talened groups ever. If you want me to post some more by these just say so. I got the "Everythin'll Will B-Fyne" CD around here somewhere and some more shit too.

R.I.P. to Baby Chill & Tony D.

tisdag 9 februari 2010

Essence Don - Show Me The Way, 12" (1994)

A dope record and very slept on. Everything is perfect on this! Essence Don is from New York and he went by the name Sir Essence Don before this was released. He got one more release which is called First Step.

fredag 5 februari 2010

A-Real-Dope Compilation #7 (1992-1996)

You know what time it is! I know it wasn't dat long ago since I dropped my last compilation but whatever! I hope you're gonna dig dis shit! A lot of hidden gems and classics! So as Ill Al Skratch once said - Boom this in your fuckin' vehicle!


01-al n ted experience-boom this in your vehicle-1994
02-flavor rap productions-your falling-199x
03-zhigge-toss it up-1992
04-king sun-beef in the bronx-199x
05-low key-bust the mental-199x
06-the funk family-gravy (?)-199x
07-threat-so now you know-1992
08-the black mafia-theme from riot (f--k dat sh-t)-1993
09-warcry-here comes the tung-199x
10-zigg zagg-all in your mind-1994
11-king ra-sean-powerful impact-1993
12-black poets-the hand that robs the craddle-1993
13-f.b.i.-raw for '94-1994
14-un-da dawgz-i roc dis-1995
15-flatlinerz-dc style of nigga-1993
16-preachaz-whos the ruffest(chase remix)-1993
17-asphalt poetry-harmagedion-1993
18-denocka-within me-1995
19-amar-melody mac-199x
20-m.o.p. feat. kool g rap-stick to ya gunz (moriarty blend)-1996
21-vibetree-coming to your area-1996