söndag 25 oktober 2009

A-Real-Dope Compilation #2 (1992-1998)

Time for another compilation for you all! I hope you'll enjoy this as you did with my first if not more! This time it didn't take me as long as it did to make the first. I think I picked the tracks within 2-3 minutes or so, but that doesn't mean it's not as good! In this one you'll pretty much only find boombap flava. There are a few exceptions in the end though. And just as with the previous compilation I tried to pick joints that I thought most of you haven't heard and I hope at least the majority of the people that downloads this finds a few unheard joints!

I am really sorry if some tracks got a somewhat poor quality, but hey.. they are from demo tapes so I hope you'll be fine. I really wasn't sure if I would add them because the gems gets kind of destroyed in a way when the quality isn't that good. Either way, it was done and I couldn't be arsed to add different tracks or try to improve their quality.

Feel free to tell me what you think of this compilation. Did you like it more then the #1? Which track(s) did you find the best? And so on..


01-ebony broadcast system-funky-rye-man-1992
02-native rhythm-paid my dues-1993
03-phatt al-potbellie-1997
04-suave-breakem' up-1994
05-t.h.u.g.g.s.-move your body-1995
06-three over the kuku's nest-lord i cant take it no more-1994
07-two city tribe-da flava pakt func (da assault squad attack mix)-199x
08-two without hats-fast on the draw-1993
09-undertakers-buck buck-199x
10-the henchmen-blame it-1994
11-horror city feat. resident alien & superstar-aah's & oohh's-1994
12-swift-the ruff shitt (ill skoll shop mix)-1993
13-mesanjerz of funk-keep it flowin' (remix)-1993
14-da youngstas-selling drugs-1995
15-prose & concepts-peanut gallery-1995
16-trends of culture-coming from the underground-199x
17-lsd-parkside madness-1994
18-nuff ruffness-styles comes at ya-1993
20-madflowas-enter the realm (reality rmx)-2009
21-ikee-rock on-1995
22-big twan feat. big kwam-hellgate rebel (phobia remix)-2009
23-phade 2 black feat. rmr-torture (merc hard)-1995

Here is a preview of all the tracks from 1 to 24:

I want to thank the people who hunted these jewels down and were kind enough to rip them and share them onto the intraweb. Big thanks to you, whomever you are! Also, I would like to thank the two people who did the dope remixes of Big Twan and Madflowas. Illest new-old remixes I've ever heard! - That's it, now it's time to bop your heads!

lördag 24 oktober 2009

Basement Society - Raw Power Move, Tape (1995) / Who Downstairs?, Tape (1994)

daam i keep postin today..

here's a dope crew outta nebraska, first up is their unreleased ep from 1995. the winner track for me gotta be either this down here or the "headcrack" joint, can't say...both are insane! ENJOY!

download tape

on to their first release..

yayayayaya!!! dats the motherfuckin biscuit!!

download tape

Terror Trollz - Admit It, 12" (1998)


download vls (low quality but deal widdit)

Rufnexz - Rufnexz Hip Hop, 12" (1996)


illness!! i really like this one, excellent request

download vls

if anyone got their "timberland stomp" release get at me. pz

Broadway - Must Stay Paid, 12" (1995)


download vls

fredag 23 oktober 2009

Phonetik - Sounds of Speech, EP (1998) + Random tracks & more!

Another swedish post! I had a request to drop Phonetik's EP and if I had any other loose tracks from him which I had too. Phonetik is as I mentioned from Umeå, Sweden and begun rapping around 1995.

Winner for me is very hard to decide for me but it's either one of these two:

Download EP

Download the loose tracks

onsdag 7 oktober 2009

The Ku - Who's 1st, 12" (1991)

Yo, a while since I posted and I had a request to post this 12" by The Ku. This was released in '91. I can't fucking understand how ahead of it's time this was. This crew is from New York. Shit is dangeriously dope and it was released on A.S.S. Kickin Records. Both tracks are killers beyond anything else that was released back in '91 except for maybe "2 Black 2 Strong M.M.G.".

Whatcha' think? Makes you fucked up doesn't it?

torsdag 1 oktober 2009

Various - Sex, Money And Drugs, 12" (1998)

Yo, people wanted me to post this 12" so I do! It features four emcees, Khoury Planet, Phil Blunts, Black Jesus and Snypa. This was released in 1998 on D.O.O.M. Entertainment. The other 12" by Phil Blunts & Black Jesus are defenetly worth checking out! My favorite track on this 12" gotta be the "G-Notes" track on the B-side:

Thanks to McHawkone!

Download VLS