fredag 18 december 2009

A-Real-Dope Compilation #4 (1991-2002)

yo, friday & anotha heated compilation for ya'll ! im not gonna write that much about the actual compilation.. i picked some tracks i've been listenin' a lot to lately & i thought i'd share them with u headz bla bla bla... just as the last compilation i tried to put the main focus on the early boombap flava cuz that's what we like the most isnt it ?! im really glad for the feedback i've gotten from my compilation & it's good to see so many people with the same taste ! u can leave some feedback on which tracks u find best or which compilation u liked the most etc..but the real feedback should go to the unknown people who originally ripped these motherfuckin' hard to get tracks onto tha net, yo!

happy christmas guys, enjoy the music & the vacation.!!!!!!!!!


01-style skillz-run that-1997
02-pesos-don't smile-1993
03-the bosco money project-ride the b side-1992
04-4deep-soft sucka rap-1992
05-bakers of the holy bread-twelve moments to the only conclusion-1994
06-tl (the teacher)-back to yell-1991
07-lord ishawn and the bronx outlaws-the kid's got it goin on-1992
08-lord pre n' the funk legacy-prime-time-1993
09-dolby the d-gone clear-1993
10-rhythm & poetry-via satellite-1994
11-2 to the head-dance with the devil-1993
12-another nasty move-two too the jaw-1994
13-majar leegue-here we go-1992
14-a.l.t. & lost civilization-spike the punch-1992
15-m.c. class-hope you're listening-1993
16-original squad-microphone wrecker-199x
17-me & my cousin-let your rhymes run-1994
18-hoodtop madness-eye ghot skillz (remix)-1994
19-rampage-beware of the rampsack (breed blend)-1994
20-black a.g.-wild and unlawful-1995
21-lpsd-insane nigga-199x
22-2 tone committee-one-2002
23-da last future-mental combat-1994
24-mad flava-bangin'-1995
25-melicious d-emperor-fuck em all-1998

here's a preview as usual from 1 to 25:

Props to mattnyce for some hook ups! Mad appriciated, check out his latest mixtape HERE! you wont regret it!

fredag 11 december 2009

Blaze Da Golden Jaw - Next Year, 12" (1998)

yo waddap, im pretty sad i gambled away my last cash for this month and will be without food for 11 days yo hahhh! imma be aiight tho, i guess. wanyway i had a request 2 post this 12" by Blazzzzze. it's an ok 12". fredro kills it and so does lin que! it's pretty neat for 1998, i like the "serious shit" track the most (ok it's the only track i like) lol. OH...Doo Dirty is on this shit which u might recognize from an earlier post. GET WILd IN HERE!!!!!

get da realnezz! (no instrumentalz 4 u) - as if any rapper today cud spit Hhah3hhahehaeheeeeeeA

måndag 7 december 2009

Bros. Grimm - Anthem, 12" (1999)


Philly banger released on "GCE Recordings". Decent record! Pretty good for being 1999. Every track is more of less good, noone which stands out. Typical thug rap, hope you enjoy. Hard to decide which is the winner track for me but I'd pick "That's What's Up".

Get the realnezz!

fredag 4 december 2009

Gig Saw - We Ride Da Beats, 12" (1997)

Wuz good ya'll?? I hope ya'll enjoyed my latest compilation! I had a request to post this banger by Gig Saw. It's a really dope record and if you liked the Nitebreed I posted a while back you'll fucking love this shit man! It sounds as if it's a lil' earlier then 1997 for sure. It's grimey horrorcore with a dope production so I'm sure most of you headz will feel it!! Winner for me is "Bigons"..i think, have a listen!!!

Get the illness!