torsdag 22 april 2010

A-Real-Dope Compilation #13 (1989-1995)



01-cutmaster-back bone breaker-'94
02-twist it mines - who can mess with a pro (mello mix)-'93
03-peach tha 5ft trooper-maflow yo!-'94
04-top secret-listen to yourself-'93
05-jcd and the dawg lb-st. louis niggas-'92
06-bos-da boner (remix)-'92
07-olori rock-don't test me-'94
08-double j-double j'z tantrum-'91
09-j rock-drug dealer (gettin paid remix)-'91
10-uptown-dope on plastic-'89
11-trinity garden cartel-nothing personal-'92
12-pazz the jazz-nappy niggas-'92
13-the brother/hood nation-new stylee-'92
14-brothers of a new nature-just like me-'92
15-funke natives-da boom da bipp-'90
16-cage 1-cage 1-'9X
17-dynamic twins-mission-'91
19-pop-for real (demo)-'95
20-serge boogie-the soak (demo)-'9X

lördag 10 april 2010

A-Real-Dope Compilation #12 (1990-1996)

Hey ya'll. I hope you had a great weekend!

As i promised i'd drop a new compilation this weekend and its done. I uploaded a mix from it so you can hear how it'll be like! I'll post the full shit tomorrow cuz i'm too tired to upload the full thing right now and it wasn't that long since I posted my last one either.

Worth to mention is that i fucking love this one. I'm happy to share it with you all! I hope you'll enjoy every track as much as I do! Go ahead and listen to the mix below and get ready to feel the hyped flava!



01-csp-skills on the map-1994
02-bá bá kidz-swing kidz-1993
03-tap, ghost & phobia-three deez-1993
04-terror t-i ain't tha devil-1995
05-da bastardz-impact-1996
06-suave-make way for the boogieman-1992
07-brother hood nation-stormin-1992
08-the bancheez-start my mission-1994
09-babi ari-keep it-1993
10-brothers of a new nature-mind pollution-1992
11-the brotherhood-just a manifestor-1991
12-scorpio-slam with gangstadam-199x
13-da neighbourhood threat-say what i wanna say-199x
14-rhyme-warriors ink (demo)-199x
15-bizzie boys-mission accomplished-1990
16-taalam-lou raw-1992
17-three times dope-i got it-1990
18-runaway slaves-booty mission (main booty pass mix)-1992
19-kish-i'm goin' hypa (remix)-1991