tisdag 20 juli 2010

Lastrawze - Instrawmental, CD (1995)


I'll continue on the CD trend and I'll also continue not to post full album in big respect to the group which sells this right now. You can BUY this album because it's just as dope as Tha Grimm Teachaz album which I made a post about earlier.

Some information about the crew:

Some people may have heard about Lastrawze from their Big Respect release from 1995 which is just insane. I personally have their "Come On In" track as one of my favorite tracks ever! I'll see if I can manage to get the video of "Big Respect" for you as a bonus!

Lastrawze is Mr. Vibe, Grand Phunk & D-Rhythm and they're from Miami, Florida. Album only costs $10 so be sure to cop it because it's dope fuck! I'll upload a track on YouTube so you can hear:


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  1. Hi there and congratulations for your blog ;-)

    One question abou the lastrawz cd:

    is this a proper release or one of those artist cd-r's ?