torsdag 22 juli 2010

Amar - Melody Mac, 12'' (1995)

Here's a really great record out of New York(?). It was released 1995 and it's pretty hard to get your hands on. So here it is in non-physical form for you. I guess some people have heard it before since I used a track from it in one of my compilations a while back. A really amazing record with a great production & an fantastic flow by Amar.


Side One 01 - Melody Mac (Main Version)
Side One 02 - Melody Mac (Instrumental)
Side One 03 - Melody Mac (Acapella)
Side Two 01 - Concrete Jungle (Main Version)
Side Two 02 - Concrete Jungle (Instrumental)
Side Two 03 - Melody Mac (Remix)

8 kommentarer:

  1. this is one of my favorite 12's, as u said simply great productions and lyrics. props on sharin...

  2. Thanks for this right here, aReal! word.

  3. oh word. this is fresh. thanks areal for this one.

  4. Do you actually own this record? Anyways, that record looks exactly how Mercury Records was doing their promo 12's in 1995. Seen this while out digin in the past, but never picked it up for some reason. I'll come across it again sometime in a dollar bin...

  5. what's up with people always asking if u own that or this, i mean dude give the full rip of a rare and a dope record, all u got to say is thanks give some props and stfu.......

  6. Thanks aREAL, keep doin' what you do man.

    And yeah, he's from Brooklyn, more information here:

    -- The Big Sleep