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FUNKY SATURDAY RHYTHM by Martin Catchwreck on Mixcloud

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HJR-002: Terror Green - The 1995 Demo EP

Heavy Jewelz Records is proud to present our next release, Terror Green - The 1995 Demo EP! Limited to 300 copies, 100 on clear green colored vinyl, 100 on clear green with black swirl color & another 100 on traditional black color. So who is Terror Green?
A product of his environment, TERROR GREEN is the epitome of NY hip-hop. Raised on Herkimer St. in Bed-Stuy Brooklyn by his West Indian and southern grandparents he was exposed to a rich culture infused with music. His uncle Chilly D was a DJ at the infamous Billie Holiday Theater at Restoration Plaza and also an accomplished bass guitarist, his grandmother was a jazz and blues singer and his grandfather was a reggae purist that exposed him to a mix of sounds from an early age. But in 1984 he got his official first taste of Hip-Hop with U.T.F.O.'s "Roxanne, Roxanne", and there was no looking back. Every Friday he along with everyone else in NY was ready to record DJ Red Alert's Master Mix or Mr. Magic's Rap Attack. If you ask TG who were the most influential artists in his life then it would have to be BDP and Rakim. Soon he was Beat Boxing in school, wearing two-tone Vasco's, Gazelle's, BVD t-shirts, Furry Kangol hats and Bally suede shoes. Fast forward to 1989 when tragedy first fell upon him, it was the loss of his grandfather. He held his grandfather in his arms as he passed which affected him traumatically. He was forced to become the man of the house and grow up quicker in what was already one of the toughest neighborhoods in America. It is believed that this is when "TERROR" was born. He began hanging out in the streets and unavoidably flunking out of Summit J.H.S., the talented and gifted school he attended with fellow student and rapper Talib Kweli. It wasn't long before he was arrested in his new school Satellite East J.H.S. and ended up in the infamous Spofford Correctional Facility in the Bronx where he started a long and unfortunate stint in the NY D.F.Y. (Division for Youth) system. In fact, from the young age of 12 he never lived at home again. During his stays in facilities like Brooklyn’s Ella McQueen Correctional, The Bronx’s Pyramid House, Albany’s Camp Cass, Group Homes and Foster care, he began to vividly elaborate on his frustrations not only physically but poetically. The majority of his music is based on fact. In fact they are first person accounts rather than hypothetical stories. It was around 1994 while awaiting trial in NY's Rikers Island for a gun charge that his friends from E.N.Y. were forming the rap group The Darkside, which was being produced by Georges Sulmers of Rawshack Productions, known for working with Public Enemy and breaking the underground artist J-Live. As soon as he was released he was welcomed home to a spot being held for him in the group. After a few collaborations and features with other artists and groups like Bed-Stuy's Sauce Money and his hometown crew The Mod-Squad it was determined that he should pursue a solo career with the blessings of his boys. It was then that TG was introduced to DJ Nastee and Elektra A&R Rick Posada who took over the position after the departure of the well known Dante Ross. He began working closely with these two while still maintaining a great working relationship with Mr. Sulmers. But there was a certain magic between Nastee and TG. For example the track titled 45 STITCHES is a step by step account of one of his many brushes with death while living in his second stomping grounds the world renowned killing fields of Brooklyn's East New York. This is undoubtedly the most acclaimed creation, but by far not the only brew that was cooked up by these chefs. Other songs, such as "Check tha File", "Dub" and "Much Terra" were all classics of that era. It wasn't long before people began to notice the work they were putting in which inevitably became a mainstay on the world famous "Stretch and Bobbito Show” and the reason he received top billing at Bobbito's showcase, "Bobbito Speaks" in N.Y.C. In fact, the track 45 Stitches in Bobbito Garcia's own words became the most requested demo in WKCR's history! In the words of underground hip-hop legend Lord Sear, "WOW! That’s crazy!!" Yes, this is by no means a small feat, taking into account the level of music and the artists being played on the station at that time, e.g. Biggie Smalls, NAS, Wu-Tang Clan and more. This in turn developed into TG securing a Demo Deal with Elektra Records. Unfortunately, the label was going thru a shift in management and the development of acts like Busta Rhymes and Old Dirty Bastard, which left TG shelved and overlooked. But this did not deter TG; he continued to perfect his craft. Shortly after the Elektra situation, DJ Nastee began working at the world class recording studio THE CUTTING ROOM, where he worked his way up thru the ranks and eventually became the head engineer acquiring a substantial portfolio of clients such as Mobb Deep, Peter Gunz and more. It was during this time the two began to ramp up their efforts with new material by utilizing the top notch facilities and the magic started again. According to TG it was during a late night mix session with DJ Nastee that Havoc of Mobb Deep walked in the studio and heard the track “Comin’ Thru” and said, “That’s you? Damn son, you ‘bout to BLOW!” By this time there were a few additions to the crew including a young intern at the studio named Justin Smith, more commonly known now as Just Blaze. One of their collaborations became Justin's 2nd record ever played on NY's HOT 97. This in combination with a Cutting Room production deal on the table and a signed retainer with hip-hop lawyer Paul Rosenberg of Shady Records made success a sure thing for TG, but as we all know, nothing in this world is a sure thing. Life had something else planned for the rapper. Starting a family and settling down is the path he ended up on. According to the rapper, he has “NO REGRETS”, which coincidentally happens to be the title of his new soon to debut mixtape. There are no sure things in this world except for the fact that this dude still has it! And from what we've heard of the new material like a track named "In The House" produced by Canei Finch, you would think he just came out. It makes one wonder what would be of this Brooklyn native had he got on back in the days. Either way, TERROR GREEN has to be recognized as one of the nicest underground artists of the 90's and a force to be reckoned with now. Don't call it a comeback, and technically it's not a come-up but you can bet, one way or another he's coming!
http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=VCkK8KbiRMo GET YOUR COPIES HERE

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Gee Rock & Da CND Coalition - Strait Outta Jerzee (1993)

Records are finally here, we will start shipping by next weekend, 08/17/13 20 years ago, in 1993, Gee Rock & Da CND Coalition released they're lone LP on a wildly limited number of cassettes which have rarely, if ever, been seen. Now Heavy Jewelz brings it back to Brick City with this 12 track fast moving funky LP on vinyl for the first time, never to be repressed. Limited to only 200 black vinyl copies and 100 on caramel swirl vinyl. The masters have been lost forever so we had to source straight from cassette. Accordingly we're letting these copies go for the nice price of only $25 per copy.

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Since my YouTube channel got suspended I've decided to start uploading on a different channel. Some may be familiar with that channel. It's called "OGDonNinja" and we'll start to upload all the shit on the same channel. Please hit the subscribe button those that were following my old channel because I will upload most of the stuff I had on my channel on this one.

You can enter the channel HERE

Thank you!

fredag 6 augusti 2010

Shaun D. aka Wicked

Since some people don't appriciate what I am doing I will stop for now. I did plan to post a lot of records and compilations which isn't out there on the net yet. Some of which I own in physical form and some that people shared to me in mp3 form weeks, months & even years back. I really enjoyed doing this - to share this with you all as I love sharing good music. I really enjoyed to build this blog even though I didn't put much effort on it compared to my YouTube channel except for my compilations which I worked pretty hard on to get it as good as possible!

Some people might be familiar with my YouTube channel. I started it way back and I've continued to drop gem after gem and filled peoples requests day in and day out both on this blog and on my YouTube channel because I wanted to please and educate people. I do not get anything at all for running this blog and/or my YouTube channel but I chose to do it anyway. Why? I really don't know. I guess I just wanted to school the people growing up today on how Hip Hop used to be and how it CAN be as well as sharing music which might be hard to hear out on. And for the most important cause: to please people.

I feel that it is time for me to retire now when some people don't appriciate what I am doing even though that ain't the main cause, but it is one big factor on why I chose to stop for now.

Feel free to visit my YouTube channel and listen to good Hip Hop music. It will hopefully always be there.

I hope some of you have enjoyed my blog throughout it's history and I wish you all the best. I also want to thank the people who have been following the blog and dropped some comments here and there, thus kept it alive.

Kind regards from Sweden,

söndag 1 augusti 2010

Abadaba & Tha Sonz of Harlem - A Niggaz Uprizin - Chapter One, LP (1995)

Had a request to share this dope LP. Tracks are from '89 to '93, but the LP was released in '95. If anyone is holding their other release feel free to share it! Obviously these guys are from New York. Sadly there is one track missing on it, but I hope you'll manage anyway. I also want to give some shoutouts to born2wice for sharing it to me!


torsdag 22 juli 2010

Amar - Melody Mac, 12'' (1995)

Here's a really great record out of New York(?). It was released 1995 and it's pretty hard to get your hands on. So here it is in non-physical form for you. I guess some people have heard it before since I used a track from it in one of my compilations a while back. A really amazing record with a great production & an fantastic flow by Amar.


Side One 01 - Melody Mac (Main Version)
Side One 02 - Melody Mac (Instrumental)
Side One 03 - Melody Mac (Acapella)
Side Two 01 - Concrete Jungle (Main Version)
Side Two 02 - Concrete Jungle (Instrumental)
Side Two 03 - Melody Mac (Remix)

tisdag 20 juli 2010

Lastrawze - Instrawmental, CD (1995)


I'll continue on the CD trend and I'll also continue not to post full album in big respect to the group which sells this right now. You can BUY this album because it's just as dope as Tha Grimm Teachaz album which I made a post about earlier.

Some information about the crew:

Some people may have heard about Lastrawze from their Big Respect release from 1995 which is just insane. I personally have their "Come On In" track as one of my favorite tracks ever! I'll see if I can manage to get the video of "Big Respect" for you as a bonus!

Lastrawze is Mr. Vibe, Grand Phunk & D-Rhythm and they're from Miami, Florida. Album only costs $10 so be sure to cop it because it's dope fuck! I'll upload a track on YouTube so you can hear:


fredag 9 juli 2010

Tha Grimm Teachaz - There's A Situation On The Homefront, CD (2010)

\o/ More dope Hip Hop from Chicago! \o/

I know I usually don't post material past the year 2000, but this is something out of the ordinary! The first time I saw their video of "I Getz" I remember I wrote "Damn, this is some unique stuff being from 1993." I always thought it was something that wasn't totally right when they stated that the video and track was from '93 (and all the other tracks on the CD as well for that matter) but I couldn't get my fingers on it at that point. I don't really understand why they were saying it was some old and unreleased material. I mean, a lot of people today are starting (or have) given up hope on todays Hip Hop music and I think the most of the people gets happy hearing this type of sound again even though it is from 2010. To me it was an happy surprise!
Either way. I just got their CD and it is defenetly worth BUYING! It got that grimey boombap sound that so many people misses in today's Hip Hop. It has that feeling, you know? If you want to read some more on who Tha Grimm Teachaz are you should click HERE.

I ain't going to post the full CD for you to download because I want as many people to buy this and support their work and I'm sure some guy will post it at some blog in the near future anyway. I posted "Whutchyougonnado?" for you to hear below so you can realize how dope this truly is!.......But hey! Maybe it's only me!